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  1. Hello! Sorry if this is super random, but I was scrolling through the ABSN 2020 NAU page and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering some questions? I noticed that you took the Kaplan for the traditional program but you had the intention of applying to the accelerated program. I am thinking about doing this, do you think it is a good idea?


    Thank you 

  2. Maricopa CEP Spring 2021 (Applicants for May 1st- June 2nd)

    have you guys by chance heard back from the people we were supposed to email our acceptance letters to? I haven't heard from her or the university rep I was supposed to email right after.
  3. Maricopa CEP Spring 2021 (Applicants for May 1st- June 2nd)

    Stay positive guys, you've got this. I feel like significantly less people applied, your chances are great. Just check every few hours don't get too caught up!
  4. Maricopa CEP Spring 2021 (Applicants for May 1st- June 2nd)

    how do you guys know what cohort you're in? where is that info at?
  5. Maricopa CEP Spring 2021 (Applicants for May 1st- June 2nd)

    I got accepted too! I'll be going to PC/GCU MSN program if anyone's making a group or whatever let me know!
  6. Maricopa CEP Spring 2021 (Applicants for May 1st- June 2nd)

    Go to your maricopa log in where you pay and sign up for classes. On the left, click that drop down arrow, and click on advising notes. They probably left you that email as a note as opposed to an email.
  7. Maricopa CEP Spring 2021 (Applicants for May 1st- June 2nd)

    They do these interactions so often and so frequently that they forget that we are completely independent of their experiences. What they consider obvious isn't even remotely obvious to us. Every school system I've been to has been like this, they le...
  8. Maricopa CEP Spring 2021 (Applicants for May 1st- June 2nd)

    Even last year, the advisor for GCU's masters program at scottsdaleCC told me that of the 17 students that applied, all 17 got accepted. It's obviously not that simple but I see no reason for anyone to be terribly nervous this time around. It does an...
  9. Maricopa CEP Spring 2021 (Applicants for May 1st- June 2nd)

    I had to submit my stuff through emails. I actually noticed I got a confirmation of submission but it was in my advising notes in our Maricopa thing. I can't imagine most of us won't get accepted everyone has great scores
  10. Maricopa CEP Spring 2021 (Applicants for May 1st- June 2nd)

    Hi guys, wanted to drop in as well. I applied to GCU's masters and picked PCC and SCC as my choices. Just wanted to say I haven't heard anything yet, wasn't sure exactly how long things would take cause of COVID. I also never received any confirmatio...
  11. Hi! I have been scouring the internet relentlessly trying to find information for the KAPLAN for NAU's ABSN program and when I finally felt prepared, I stumbled upon your post about the test changing ? I literally take it tomorrow morning and am FREAKING out. Can you email me so I can ask you a few questions about it?! (It wont let me private message you) my email is dumaisnatasha@gmail.com . THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!!!

    1. 62905310


      Hey! I’m applying to the NAU ABSN program, do you have any study tips for the Kaplan? 

  12. NAU// September 15th Deadline

    shot you an email!
  13. NAU// September 15th Deadline

    Literally. I mean some of the questions I would consider being completely irrelevant to be frank. Blown away, really glad I took it honestly because once the accelerated deadlines open. I'll at least have an idea. I also thought the writing portion w...
  14. NAU ABSN 2020

    Wow it was not what I expected at all. You were right it was extremely general biology to the point that it was stuff I'd forgotten from my first bio class years ago. Thankfully this was for the traditional program and I have a chance to actually stu...
  15. NAU// September 15th Deadline

    OKAY GUYS AUGUST 10TH UPDATE POST TEST The test is NOT anatomy or physiology. It is very very general bios, we're talking BIO 181 stuff, I even had a chemistry question, taxonomy questions, prokaryotes, eukaryotes, brain functions, I studied only ana...