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Hospice Home Care and Inpatient
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MSO4foru has 10 years experience as a ADN and specializes in Hospice Home Care and Inpatient.

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  1. MSO4foru

    Called Down to HR

    I just love it when ' policy' overrides good sense and nursing judgement. Sorry you had to deal with that.
  2. MSO4foru

    Nursing Home Resident Taunted by CNAs

    As Forest 2 said - it comes down to money.which I think backs my original statements. Our society does not value our aged folks. Years ago I did SNF/ ALF facilities for hospice. Many patients told me to condense ' I am in a warehouse for old people's. And while some facilities are nicer than others, this is a largely accurate observation. These days too many places are looking for a warm body with proper credentials. That needs to stop. If you have no patience, no humanity, no compassion, don't get into this field. We already have enough problems
  3. MSO4foru

    Houston Physican Assistant racist comments

    Uggghhh. Should not be in medicine/ healthcare.
  4. MSO4foru

    Med/surg to Inpatient hospice empath health job

    Everything is relative- in hospice your job is make sure these folks are comfortable. You are not trying to ' save them'. It's a very different mindset than acute care. You will be busy- between educating families and just day to day tasks. Somedays are hectic. It can be a difficult trade off. Everyday you work, your pts will die. They were going to die. Your job is to make that as comfy and easy as it can be- if you take this job. Hospice nursing is not easy. Just different.
  5. MSO4foru

    Nursing Home Resident Taunted by CNAs

    And what exactly would that accomplish? What they did was not acceptable by any stretch, but I don't this this situation was unusual.
  6. MSO4foru

    Murder-Suicide of Elderly Couple Worried About Healthcare Bills

    Many years ago when I was a CNA on a neuro unit, we had a lovely elderly gentleman who was just diagnosed with a glioblastoma. His wife had moderate Alz. Adult children remotely involved. About a week after discharge, he shot ( and killed )his wife then committed suicide. Our healthcare system and what our society values has to change. Couple years ago I had a married couple for hospice pts. Husband decided was too worried about future would hold. Convinced wife that they should die together. Both stopped eating and drinking and taking non comfort meds. They died about 11 days later.
  7. MSO4foru

    Nursing Home Resident Taunted by CNAs

    Until our society starts treating our most vulnerable in a humane and compassionate way, this is going to continue to happen. I do not think this situation was unique. LTC staffing is ' bare bones'. I do not think there is a lot of education or support available to staff in geriatric care. There is not an excuse for this behavior, but I think there should be discussion about why they thought this was ' ok'.
  8. MSO4foru

    Help with Staffing Incentives?

    Really hate spelling / grammer errors... especially my own. I am Curious- O. P - does your organization not have staffing pool? Or is the plan make incentives for staff that get canceled when a reason is found to cancel staff who signed up for OT? ... sorry bad and particularly sarcastic mood..
  9. MSO4foru

    HHS Releases Report of U.S. Top 10 Causes of Death

    What progress have we, as a World made on CA and dementia - we don't share data is my current understanding. I know its dated but watch Pink Ribbons Inc.
  10. MSO4foru

    HHS Releases Report of U.S. Top 10 Causes of Death

    So maybe I am just in bad mood... but where are national and Government priortizarions when it comes to mental health? Cancer is becoming a chronic illness.... heart disease and stroke- show me some national incentive to disease burden reduction. Same for diabetes. Again I am in bad mood- we nurses are not causing this. Until heathcare for every person in This County becomes a priority ( along with climate change) our current system does not incentivise prevention and education. Nor sadly, prognostication. We could do a lot more for a healthy environment and education- what about public health channel that explained basic phyisiology- " Why yes- you can have bowel movement while having urinary catheter" - freaking momentous!
  11. MSO4foru

    Help with Staffing Incentives?

    Again.. . Staff appropriately and treat you staff with respect. Just earlier tonight( night shifter so this would have been my ) middle as WE ended night within 45 minutes - I was flexed - oh wait had call in can you come in, looking for staffing- oh nevermind- flexing you within 45 - 50 minutes. Went to groc store and 3 wardrobe changes between. PJs- not at work- to work- bank to not work. I don't count one of those as expected to work. At least part of shift. Clarification- I do Friday Saturday and Sunday nights.
  12. My facity was recently bought by HCA. There is very notable difference in staffing and care supplies. I forget exact number in profit they made last year but it is way up there in Billions.
  13. Actually RN since 2005. Experience includes cardigan stepdown, some ICU and mostly inpatient/ homecare hospice. 

  14. MSO4foru

    Help with Staffing Incentives?

    Again what about just staffing appropriately? If folks wanna pick up the overtime make it well above the normal O T rates. Incentives like extra time off or ," not having to float" only do so much . I used to routinely pick up OT..... now I feel like I have been hit by a bus on end of night #3- unless you're going to make it well worth my time, not interestrd.
  15. Western N C - currently 34.20 per hour and another 12 an hour for nights/ WE. But I have been doing this a while and this may could be improved. However I know because I have been looking- I would take substantial payout if I leave my current employer