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  1. Sarah McCammon

    Transfer student

    What's your GPA?
  2. Sarah McCammon

    RN to BSN or straight to BSN??

    I would just apply to both and see what happens! I think im just going crazy because i waited like 8 years to finally go back to school so now i feel like I'm on a time crunch which is ridiculous lol You know what will be best for you when the time comes I'm sure you'll do great whichever route you choose!
  3. Sarah McCammon

    RN to BSN or straight to BSN??

    Hi!!! I'm in the same boat actually. I've been struggling to figure out what my plan is going to get the BSN as fast as possible. No one hires ADN's anymore they all want the bachelor's and it's so hard and competitive to get into BSN programs. I know people that have a 3.9 GPA that didn't even get accepted so I'm freaking out lol what is your science GPA and overall GPA?
  4. Sarah McCammon

    GWC Fall 2019 Pre-Nursing Students

    Thanks so much! I definitely am planning on transfeering into a BSN program right after my prereqs then onto my Masters but hat's far ahead. My goal is to prepare myself as best as possible to get A's in all my prereqs!
  5. Sarah McCammon

    GWC Fall 2019 Pre-Nursing Students

    Hi everyone! I don't know if anyone is going to see this or even write back but I wanted to start this forum to hopefully connect with people in the same boat as me. I'm starting this August at Golden West College to do my prerequisites at a pre-nursing major then hoping to apply directly to a BSN program. Is anyone else out there starting their prereqs this August?

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