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  1. Okay got it. Thank you. How hard is it to get straight A's in ABSN programs compared to A's in science classes at a top U.S. university? Can most ABSN nursing get straight A's with studying?
  2. Other than grades, pre-requisite courses, and the TEAS/HESI scores, what do most ABSN programs require? For example, I've searched through quite a few programs and some do not accept letters of recommendation. Do most ABSN programs require extracurriculars or nursing shadowing/work experience, etc.?
  3. How are most ABSN program courses graded? 1. A/B/C/D/F scale 2. Pass/No Pass 3. Pass/No Pass/Honors 4. Other I am planning to apply to CRNA school or NP school after completing a ABSN program so I would like to know how the classes of most ABSN programs are graded. Thank you!
  4. Hello, I am wondering if I can take Pre-Reqs for ABSN programs anywhere? at a community college? I graduated with a B.S. degree in Human Physiology with a 3.8 gpa about 6 years ago from a top/well-known university. I have a lot of physiology and anatomy courses completed, but have not taken some pre-requisite courses that a lot of nursing schools seem to require: 1. Microbiology with lab 2. Human Growth and Development 3. Sociology Can I take these courses at any community college? Can I even take some of them online? Will the nursing schools care where I take these prerequisite courses? Thanks!