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Adult Orthopedic + Neuro Spine

Specializes in Circulating and Scrubbing Adult Orthopedic and Neuro Spine Surgeries and has 27 years of experience in the Operating Room

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ST2ORBSNRN has 27 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in Adult Orthopedic + Neuro Spine.

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    Best shoes for OR nursing

    I have worn Dansko’s for over 20 years with no problems (5-8 hr. shifts as a Surgical Technologist). However, now I am a bit older, heavier, and working 3-12 hr shifts per week as a Circulator & Scrub... Dansko's do not work for me on a 12+hour shift. I have also had problems with Plantar Fasciitis (taping my feet helped for my Plantar Fasciitis)... I now wear HOKA, and days where I walk less than 10 miles in a 12 hour shift they are fine. But just this week, I walked over 30 miles during my 3-12+ hours shift... one day this week I had a 12 and was on call and the HOKA’s weren't working... I truly think with that many miles in a day on my feet these days + my age and weight, I do not think they make a shoe that will help with the pain from that kind of milage daily... I added Ibuprofen this week and it helped (I’m not suggesting medication just saying what worked for me)... I am looking at KURU’s (*Thanks, UndicidedRNBSN RN*) and hoping to find something to help... I have even considered changing my shoes to a different pair during my 12 hour shift... Good luck finding your work shoe... 27 years working in the OR and I haven’t really found a “best” shoe...

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