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  1. MaiaS

    Options for Non-Nursing Degree Holders

    Thank you for your advice! Very good things to know. How could I got about getting a job working in psych nursing while also doing my coursework? I'm assuming a student nursing position?
  2. MaiaS

    Options for Non-Nursing Degree Holders

    Sounds like I better get on a waitlist then! Wishing you well in your studies!
  3. Have you considered self-studying in the meantime? That's what I'm doing since I know I will be a LOT busier once I'm back in school. There are sites like quizlet and chegg that are super helpful for studying just about any subject. You can search the course number and people have likely already posted online notes, flashcards, and sometimes even quizzes.
  4. MaiaS

    Options for Non-Nursing Degree Holders

    Thank you for your insight! Is it a regular thing for an employer to pay for higher eduation? Is it typically exclusive to BSN, or would they also fund a Master's in nursing?
  5. Hi all, I want to return to school in order to become a nurse, but am unclear on which route is best. I currently hold a BA in Psychology. I was not super motivated, (and by this I mean I was doing the bare minimum to scrape by with the mentality of 'C's get degrees'), during my undergrad years and am stuck with about a 2.5 GPA. I've already retaken as many classes as my university allows, and I did ace those. I'm confident in my ability to score highly on any required entrance exam. I also got all As and Bs on the pre-requisites commonly required by the programs. My hope is that admissions will work with me on this. My end goal is to be a PMHNP. I am not as concerned with how long it will take to get there as I am with the cost. I've explored the option of a BSN as a second bachelor's degree, noticing that the cost per credit tends to be lower. I've also thought, "I already have a bachelor's degree, so why wouldn't I just enter into a Master's program?" Well, here comes the GPA issue again. While there are some programs I found that would consider me, they aren't necessarily offering what I want to specialize in. At that point, I re-route back to the second bachelor's. Especially since it's not like I can 'shortcut' through that necessary education in the master's program anyways - I'll still have to spend time and money on that portion of learning before I can continue. May as well earn a higher GPA in my second degree and then apply to programs for my specialty of interest, right? As for the associates, community college is cheap and having RN licensure as well as some experience under my belt may open my eligibility for more programs? Thank you in advance for your advice!