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  1. Kfor89

    A school worth moving to

    Sound Great I'm going to check up on them both right now. The only other questions I have would be. what are affordable places to live in the area? It wont let me PM you for some reason though. Thanks for this very helpful post!
  2. Kfor89

    A school worth moving to

    Yes thank you just the suggestions i'm looking for! I will look into it. Any specific schools you like. I am fine with an ADN that is the program I was in over here in MA.
  3. Kfor89

    A school worth moving to

    Hello Nurses, Due to my school loosing its license in Massachusetts I am looking for a change of scenery. Looking for any advice on cheap city/states to live. And quality programs I could apply to close by. I have all the prerequisites and a decent gpa of 3.3 Thank you for any and all suggestions. Thanks!
  4. Kfor89

    School closed any Online options?

    Yeah there are some good options here in Massachusetts. My current program was doing well its surprising they revoked its license. I think this time around it has to do with some administrative drama instead of failing scores like my last program. Still a shock. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Hello nurses and future nurses, I am in an unfortunate and desperate situation. Over the past two years I have been in two nursing programs in Massachusetts and both have lost there approval status from the board. I have some local options I am applying to but I was wondering if anyone had advice on any fully online ADN or BSN programs. It seems that most require a previous license. I have none. Any and all suggestions would be welcomed. I am also willing to up and move to any state to finish my nursing journey. Thanks for your help.