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"It's not about left or right. Its about up or down. Either you have integrity or you don't." Dr. Chris Martenson

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Sciencedude1 has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Critical Thinking-Critical Care.

"It's not about left or right. It's about up or down. Either you have integrity or you don't." Dr. Chris Martenson

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  1. "Question with boldness even the existence of a god; if there be one, he must more approve the homage of reason, than that of blindfolded fear" Thomas Jefferson

  2. Sciencedude1

    Vaccination Mandating

    Moving forward I imagine as healthcare providers we are going to be required to get boosters in order to be considered vaccinated. At this point I think this is an important question since COVID19 appears to have become endemic. The question that sho...
  3. Sciencedude1

    Vaccination Mandating

    I want the vaccine in my life! I want the vaccine in my wife! Dr. Fauci! Give me that Ouchie! Vaccinate yo body! Vaccinate Afterparty! ? It's good to see some appreciation of satire on AN. Yeah I found my self singing the song throughout the day. It'...
  4. Sciencedude1

    Vaccination Mandating

    What you don't like his message? Go get your Fauci Ouchie! Heres the remix my man.
  5. Sciencedude1

    Vaccination Mandating

    What? Me scapegoat Fauci. No Fauci is an honest man of integrity that has been very transparent with all relevant information pertaining to covid. As the matter of fact I admire Fauci so much I dedicate this song to him made right here in the great s...
  6. Sciencedude1

    Criminal Record - Texas. Do I even have a chance anymore ?

    Just go for nursing. Just make sure to stay out of trouble moving forward. You might have to disclose to the BON when you are accepted to nursing school. Best place to find out the answer to your concerns is the Texas Board of Nursing.
  7. Sciencedude1

    Vaccination Mandating

    Fauci has drawn heat to his credibility from people along all sides of the political spectrum and for good reason. I am not defending Trump in regards to the decisions he made early on in the pandemic. He made the same mistake that many countries mad...
  8. Sciencedude1

    Vaccination Mandating

    Yeah the danger was being down played by many on the media especially trumps corona virus advisor Anthony Fauci when we should have been preparing as a nation. The CDC really has one job and that is to prepare and prevent for outbreaks of disease. Li...
  9. Sciencedude1

    Vaccination Mandating

  10. Sciencedude1

    Are there any travel nurse jobs for Unvaccinated Nurses?

    The cost of contracts is going to go up for hospitals utilizing CMS reimbursement if there is a smaller pool of nurses.
  11. Sciencedude1

    Are there any travel nurse jobs for Unvaccinated Nurses?

    The CDC recommends utilizing johnson and johnson after having a reaction to pfizer/moderna. Johnson and Johnson uses a different model of the vaccine. Pfizer/moderna are lipid nanoparticles/mrna vaccines while the johnson/johnson are adenovirus/dna v...
  12. Sciencedude1

    Vaccination Mandating

    Well to state the obvious Chris Martenson has more relevant credentials than you. He went to Duke university and got a ph.d in pathology. As the matter of fact thanks to Dr. Martenson I prepared for the pandemic back when MSM was saying COVID19 was j...
  13. Sciencedude1

    Vaccination Mandating

  14. Sciencedude1

    Vaccination Mandating

    Yeah I agree with you but employers are liable for the conditions of employment. CDC clearly states that if you have anaphylaxis to first dose of pfizer/moderna you should not get a second dose of pfizer/moderna. Also if you had an anaphylacti...
  15. Sciencedude1

    Vaccination Mandating

    LOL MunoRN you are funny guy. So tell me how a risk assessment works if you can never say no to the medical procedure? If the answer is always yes regardless of the patients clinical presentation, than it's not much of a risk assessment.