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  1. Wolfgang28

    Vascular Access RNs

    I’m as baffled as you are and what you said is exactly what I’m thinking. I expressed interest from the get go and worked to complete all the skills required ahead of time. I spoke to my supervisor and was told to complete the 2 year minimum still...which seems quite a bit given I already have 150+ successful ultrasound sticks on the first attempt and I’m only 7 months in (I keep track, that’s how invested I am in this lol). Even with traditional IVs, I rarely have to stick someone twice. There is no written policy about it. Current picc nurses said they only had to complete 50 ultrasound guided insertions, but they did it over the course of 18-24 months. Not everyone who gets accepted has previous IV experience (I do having worked in the ER & ICU). This is my first VAT rodeo so I’m trying to find out if the 2 years is a specialty standard and I’m just too driven or if I’m being held back for some reason which I have to explore.
  2. Wolfgang28

    Career advice

    Hi all, I’m in a pickle and would appreciate any advice/perspective. I’ve been an ED RN for 12 years and recently branched out to vascular access. I’m a pretty good stick and though quite new, already have done 75+ successful ultrasound IVs, with 95% of those as first attempts. It wasn’t discussed during the interview how long exactly it will be until I am considered for PICC training, (which is the main goal of my transfer). I only learned by accident that it will take at least a year regardless of having already completed the 50 ultrasound sticks minimum, and that one year is conditional...meaning if management don’t think I’m ready, then my training gets delayed...or if the picc staff is full, then I’ll have to wait for someone to leave first. I know PICCS involve more than the actual skill but I think I got the knowledge part down pat and my performance has been above average. As a matter of fact, I finished my departmental orientation 2 weeks early. My dilemma is should I wait for that one year to be “considered,” or should I just cut my losses and look for the opportunity to train earlier somewhere else? I also still have the option to go back to my old department.