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Hi all,

I’m in a pickle and would appreciate any advice/perspective. I’ve been an ED RN for 12 years and recently branched out to vascular access. I’m a pretty good stick and though quite new, already have done 75+ successful ultrasound IVs, with 95% of those as first attempts.  It wasn’t discussed during the interview how long exactly it will be until I am considered for PICC training, (which is the main goal of my transfer). I only learned by accident that it will take at least a year regardless of having already completed the 50 ultrasound sticks minimum, and that one year is conditional...meaning if management don’t think I’m ready, then my training gets delayed...or if the picc staff is full, then I’ll have to wait for someone to leave first. I know PICCS involve more than the actual skill but I think I got the knowledge part down pat and my performance has been above average. As a matter of fact, I finished my departmental orientation 2 weeks early.

My dilemma is should I wait for that one year to be “considered,” or should I just cut my losses and look for the opportunity to train earlier somewhere else? I also still have the option to go back to my old department.

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I would not be surprised if other facilities have similar requirements before allowing newer staff to move on to more advanced skills. In my own department, endoscopy nurses may not assist the physician with PEG tube insertion until they have 2 years of endo procedural experience. Assisting with PEG tube insertion involves the injection of local anesthetic, making the incision, and assisting with trocar/wire.

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