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  1. It’s at a smaller hospital where I would get paid 15k a year more than I do now on a med surg unit. They promise me I can cross train to ICU and that will set me up to work in cath lab eventually. I would really want to eventually work in OR or cath...
  2. What is your average take home pay? How lonely do you get? Is the experience worth it? How do you deal with having a partner while traveling? Is housing that hard to come by?
  3. Case Management Nursing (CM)

    Would people hire you without experience? Did you need certain certifications?
  4. What’s the best specialty to travel nurse in?
  5. Can I lose my license over this?

    True. But it honestly was in relation to my moms friend
  6. Can I lose my license over this?

    True, but I could have been talking about anyone- my mom and I were discussing end of life care because of her friends mom and an accident she had. I wasn't in the store when i mentioned I knew someone like that- I could have just been talking about ...
  7. Can I lose my license over this?

    she was kind of far from me- she just looked me in the eyes and looked away- i don't even know if she recognized me cause i was wearing my glasses and had my hair down and was wearing makeup
  8. Can I lose my license over this?

    I really dont put anything out there except for ugly pics of me
  9. Can I lose my license over this?

    she has no proof though. none at all
  10. Can I lose my license over this?

    This was at a busy mall- off the clock
  11. Can I lose my license over this?

    Or can I get fired for it?
  12. Can I lose my license over this?

    I was on the phone with my mom in public and basically talked about how I wouldn’t want to be brain dead and have my family keep me alive forever and how I don’t want tube feeds and to just be a burden to my family. I also talked about how there’s be...
  13. Also, how much do you get paid for various differentials?
  14. Should I take the job opportunity?

    It is a great opportunity but I would have to make 95k in Seattle to maintain the same quality of life I have here on 60k
  15. What was your favorite nursing job and why?

    Did you get paid more doing outpatient surgery as opposed to being in the hospital? We’re you trained in surgery initially?