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    Reprimand for wanting to Transfer

    Hello fellow Nurses, I need some advice. Currently, I am working on Med/Surg, but my passion is Pacu which I worked in for 15 Years in Germany. Our Policy states, that new hire Nurses have to stay in there Position for 6 Month. Just before my 6 Month mark ( March), I applied for an Open Pacu Position and also talked to my Director about my intention to transfer, just to be told that I have to wait 12 Month since I had more than 2 Weeks Orientation. Background being, that I came from a completely different Healthcare System, and It took me a while to get accustomed to the Charting and Standards in general. Of Course, I let the Supervisor of Pacu know about HRs Decision. So far so good, I was just going to wait for September ( my 1 year Anniversary) and reapply. Well, 1 Week ago I found out, that the Pacu Lead was negotiating with my current director to let me transfer. Up until then, I had no idea that this was going on in the Background !! My director took me immediately of the Schedule for the next Pay Period ( August 18) Now I am having a Huge Problem on my Hand, because something came up, and the offered Pacu Position is not available until the end of September! My concern now is, does my current Director have the right to refuse to put me back on Schedule until the Transfer is complete? What are the steps that I can take to find help? I can not afford not having a Paycheck for 6 Weeks! I feel like I was thrown under the Bus and now being reprimanded for something that I have no part in. Any advice on what I can do now is greatly appreciated! Sorry for the lengthy post, but its a complicated situation, and I am freaking out!