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  1. Courses

    Can any one tell me where to take my IBCLC 90 hour courses? There are tons of websites but I would like to know which one are recommended? Thank you !
  2. 2nd Opinion Successful???

    They will force you into a monitoring program. But, if you stay negative within that 90 day evaluation you have a good chance of getting out without any further monitoring. Good luck. You have to be negative in all tests they give you within that 90 ...
  3. Fed up!!

    Yes I understand that. No worries. Good luck with your journey. So, happy for you:)
  4. Fed up!! Here’s another article regarding us using hand sanitizers!
  5. Fed up!!

    All these monitoring programs feel like rabbit hole to me. It’s impossible to get a break. Even when you are extra cautious, compliant it’s like walking on egg shells every single second. Fear of slightest mistake or any error is punishable over and...
  6. Reach out to me 7326742787. Same. Positive peth with hand santizer! 

  7. Peth test

    Me too just came out positive. I am pouring alcohol over my hands as no ones business. Urine done 3 days ago was low creatinine and got a blood test which is positive. I don’t know what to do now!! I am so pissed, sad, upset, angry ? now what????
  8. Class Action Lawsuit

    Nurses in NJ we need information please. Tried to DM you. But, my message didn’t go through. It’s an abuse of power with total financial breakdown . Any info will be helpful. Thx
  9. Scared to death

    WOW!!!!!!! I am speechless?
  10. Non clinical nursing jobs

    catsmeow1972, BSN, RN- Seems like all these monitoring programs say one thing and do completely another thing. All so called "disciplinary actions against you not being public" so they say...... if you comply to their rigor programs. Think again? Eve...
  11. Scared to death

    Vykingboy RN, What????? Why in the world BON will interrupt in your new career? Especially, when you don’t have to do anything with nursing or medicine. What was their explanation? Or let me take a guess.......?they didn’t need to explain or tell y...
  12. Ramp in NJ- Why am I not surprised!!!!!!!

    I got an email yesterday. It’s prescriptive positive for Zoloft. Apparently, we have to update our prescriptions to them monthly?‍♀️ No one tells you anything in this program ?
  13. Ramp in NJ- Why am I not surprised!!!!!!!

    Yes I contacted him. Not helpful at all:(((
  14. Ramp in NJ- Why am I not surprised!!!!!!!

    I have been in Ramp program for close to 2 months now. Beside's my initial blood test being positive of PEth all my subsequent testings has been negative. Including hair, nails and 4 different urine(all different options). Last week on July 9th they...
  15. I'm free!! TPAN is over. Three years in the books

    You're hilarious?