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  1. Hey guys... I am a registered nurse in Texas but currently live and work as a nurse in London, England. Does anyone know if I am able to take travel nurse assignments in the states since I am a US citizen, but live in the UK. I cannot seem to find an answer to this anywhere. Thanks!
  2. Hi,


    I was reading your replies on one of the US to Uk forums and was hoping I could ask your a question, seeing as you are from Texas and so am I. 




    I passed my OSCE and am ready to submit my application, but I cant get ahold of the Board as far as their process for the character reference. Do you remember the TBON's process for providing a character reference for our NMC application?



    Thank you,


    Cayaana 😊 

  3. Hey,  sorry to bother you. I read your message on how effective the agency you used was. I have been looking for an agency for some time now to assist me in finding a job at NHS and my visa processing but I am beginning to get frustrated and exhausted because I can't seam to find one. Would you mind sharing the name of your agency?. Thanks for the tips you shared with us. 

    1. jordanecc311


      Yes! It can be frustrating. I went through Drake Medox 🙂

      I found them very professional and helpful. They still check in on me. 

    2. Ladyify
    3. Amelia Smith

      Amelia Smith

      I fully understand how stressful it can you be.You should definitely check out Global Nurse Jobs. It is a new direct recruitment platform for nurses to be hired into the NHS. All you need to do is apply there instead of going through other agencies. It is very hassle free! This is the link:  www.globalnursejobs.com. 

  4. jordanecc311

    US RN moving to London UK

    I just went onto the Texas board of nursing website and printed out the certificate from the website. I also printed and attached a letter explaining that we do not get hard copies of our license. the NMC, fortunately, is aware that nurses in the states generally do not get hard copies 🙂
  5. jordanecc311

    US RN moving to London UK

    Hey! Sorry, I know this wasn't addressed to me, but I found this forum and loved seeing the helpful replies since I couldn't find anything like this when I went through the process. I am a nurse from Dallas who's been working for the NHS in London since September 2019. I went through an overseas recruiting agency that I'd absolutely reccomend if you want the name. They were very professional, made the stressful process a lot smoother, and they still check in on me from time to time to see how I am doing here. I was only their 2nd US nurse to recruit. They work mostly with Filipino, Indian, and African nurses and so glad I learned about them because the first agency I tried to work with was very unorganized and unhelpful. The only downside I can see for working with an agency is contracts. For example, I am under a 3 year contract with the NHS Trust I work for because that's the agreement between the Trust and agency. Not sure how other agencies might be. So a plus side of finding a job yourself would be the freedom of not being under contract. If I wanted to quit or change Trusts before the 3 years, I would owe back the price of the OSCE, my visa, and my one way flight here which was all paid for. I personally didn't change my resume/CV and it didn't seem to matter. If you've taken and passed the NCLEX, the CBT is not nearly as much to worry about in my opinion. I studied going through the Royal Marsden manual and basically just looking at and answering the questions at the end of each chapter and taking practice questions where I could find them online. It's set at 120 questions and its ABCD only. Also a LOT of questions at the end of the Royal Marsden manual chapters were in my CBT! Not sure if that happens for others, but it certainly helped me having already seen a lot of the questions. Best of luck to anyone persuing their NMC registration and licensure! It is a stressful process, but the other side exists!
  6. jordanecc311

    Hospital Shifts - Days, Nights, or Both?

    Hey, Just in response to your question about shifts, we alternate here in London (Greenwich). In the sates I worked only nights and I loved it. It's been an adjustment to alternate days and nights and it's not my favorite, but some people prefer it this way. I will say management tries to work with me. They know I prefer days here (since I'm married now and want to be on the same schedule as him), but I still get occasional nights thrown in. I see the others have commented that it'll be a week or two of days and then a week of nights or however they do it. In my experience, that's not always the case and on many occasions I've had weeks where I've had to do both. For example this week I am working Tuesday & Wednesday day shift then turning around and working Thursday & Friday night shift. (rolling my eyes).. That's been most of my experience when they throw the nights in and it's really annoying to have to switch schedules in the same week. Shifts always start at 7am or pm.
  7. jordanecc311

    NMC application - Stamps?

    Hey, I'm wondering if anyone has applied to the NMC in the UK and if you ran into the same issue I am. A few of the documents need stamps... My references do not have stamps. It says if you don't have a stamp, to state that and give a signature on letter headed paper. HR is not going to just give out letter headed paper. I'm not sure what to do. Am I over thinking it? Has anyone else submitted their reference forms without them being stamped by the person who filled it out?