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  1. Amandalee1210

    Any Texas LVN!?

    I’m in the DFW area.
  2. Amandalee1210

    Any Texas LVN!?

    Thanks for the advice! I’m so scared to do Home care as a new grad the thought of me being completely alone scares me. But I’ve gotten more interviews so hopefully someone comes up :)!
  3. Amandalee1210

    Any Texas LVN!?

    Honestly that’s what I thought but to my surprise I went on an interview and was instantly turned away without the chance to Even speak because I was a new grad and training me was not in their “budget”.
  4. Amandalee1210

    Any Texas LVN!?

    Just wondering if there’s any LVNs here from Texas and where you work. I recently relocated and went on my first interview and was turned away instantly because I was a new grad. So just wondering where are some places you can where here 🙂 thanks !
  5. Amandalee1210

    License by Endorsement - LPN

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has gotten their license by endorsement in the state of Texas and how long the process took. I’m transferring my NJ license to Tx and I feel like I’m never going to get this license.

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