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  1. Lina19

    Late Submission

    If entry was submitted late, more than 14 days after A1600, how its going to affect MDS/Nursing? Also if we have only one assessment with dash related to weight(K0200B), is this going to affect payment determination? Thank you.
  2. Lina19

    Indirect Skilled NURSING SERVICES

    Thank you.
  3. Lina19

    Indirect Skilled NURSING SERVICES

    Resident admitted s/p fall noted noted with a stage 2 to left lateral foot. Resident is receiving daily dressing change with ointment. I am reading chapter8 and I see we can skill only if its Stage 3. Also for the dressing it has to require aseptic techniques. Would you skill patient under observation and assessment ?
  4. Lina19


    Thank you.
  5. Lina19


    Patient admitted under Private Pay on 08/10 at 15:15 and was discharged on 08/11 at 18:10. I opened an entry and discharge assessment. The only reason I opened them because of overnight stay. If patient was discharged the same day with no overnight stay and less than 24 hrs it would be failure to admit, no assessment or entry needed. Just want to understand all this Private Pay admission. Thank you
  6. Lina19


    Hospice resident discontinued GT feedings per family request, continue water flushes. Would you open a significant change assessment?
  7. Lina19

    Medicare Stay.

    Thank you for the response. That's exactly what I did, however, I have been told that we don't bill Medicare for the discharge day and if the patient was in the facility for less than 24 hours its failure to admit.
  8. Lina19

    Medicare Stay.

    Hello, Patient Medicare Part A admitted on 05/18/2020 at 11:11 and discharged on 05/19/2020 at 12:00 do I need to open the 5 day assessment or just entry and discharge?
  9. Lina19

    LTC to SNF

    Hi MDS team. Is it true that any time there was a level of care change, it was considered significant. If a resident previous status was private pay, and when returned from the hospital, was admitted under her Medicare a benefit, which would warrant a significant change/5day assessment
  10. Lina19

    Active Dx

    Hello MDS team, When a patient is confirmed COVID-19 and you don't have any scheduled MDS to open. DO still add the DX U07.I to patient A/R claim sequencing ? Thank you.
  11. Lina19

    Nursing CMI

    Thank you for taking the time and sharing.
  12. Lina19

    Nursing CMI

    I wanted to open my 5day assessment early, to capture IV fluids given at the hospital for K0510A and I have been told that no need because Nursing CMI is not affected by IV fluids. Talino, please help is there anything form manual or CMS that I can show them. Thanks
  13. Lina19


    can we use CMS waiver of 3 midnight stay if patient wasn't admitted only from the ED , do they have to be admitted?
  14. Lina19

    Fall/New Admission/SCSA

    Thank you.
  15. Lina19

    Fall/New Admission/SCSA

    No, I don't think so. Talino, I have a question regarding Primary diagnosis/PDPM. If you have patient admitted from SNF after recent hospitalization for sepsis/uti/aspiration pneumonia and completed antibiotics at the hospital. Would you code for pneumonia as primary diagnosis ?
  16. Lina19

    Fall/New Admission/SCSA

    If you have a new admit who sustained a fall with a fracture on the 2nd week of the admission date, and admission/5day assessment still in process. Would you open a significant change assessment? Usually I would compare with previous assessment to see if I have 2 or more areas of decline, however in this case not only I don't have a previous assessment to compare and also the fall would not be captured on the only assessment I have since it happened outside of the look back period.

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