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Marcus0918's Latest Activity

  1. Marcus0918

    Lost clinical case

    This year around february
  2. Marcus0918

    LVN 30 unit option

    Are you doing it right now?
  3. Marcus0918

    LVN to RN bridge programs

    Is this the 30 unit option? Or the regular bridge program??
  4. Marcus0918

    LVN 30 unit option

    Any RN here who got their license from LVN 30 unit option? OR currently attending this program?? Can someone let me know how long the program is and how often do you need to be in school for this?? Thanks!
  5. Marcus0918

    Lost clinical case

    Same with me, 2009 graduate. I already asked my school to send a certification to BRN regarding the completion of my cases and the inability to provide such copies. BRN replied and they still asking copies of my cases. Bummer! Since I am an LVN in Cali, I might just do the LVN 30 Units option soon. Goodluck to you !
  6. When you endorsed to CA, did they require you to submit copies of your clinical cases??
  7. Marcus0918

    No copies of clinical cases

    Hi, I’m a BSN graduate from the Philippines, recently applied for the BRN for Nclex but they are asking me for copies of my clinical cases. I graduated 2009 and per my school they don’t have a copy of those anymore. So don’t know what to do. I am currently working as an LVN and thinking of doing the LVN 30 units option or LVN-RN bridge. Does anyone knows if foreign graduates can do bridge program? Or you have to be a graduate from a vocational nursing program??? Any advice would help thank you

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