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I need a career advice. 
I have been working as an RN at one of the LA county hospital for 5 years and recently got offered a job to work at Veterans Affair.

Anyone here who made that move? Are the benefits the same or which one is better in terms of pay and benefits.

Please advice. Thank you.

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I worked 20 years for a (California) County system, then retired from it.  Then worked another 20 years for the VA system, and retired from it too. 

The VA system does not pay into Social Security, they have their own retirement plan.  You may opt to put some money aside from each paycheck into a TSP account (like a 401K), to accumulate while you work there.  If you then retire from the VA system, you will have their retirement as well as your TSP. 

You are now vested in the County system, for retirement (minimum retirement age is 50:  "Under most benefit formulas, members become fully vested with five years of service credit and the minimum retirement age is 50. .  You may opt for Reciprocity: "Reciprocity is an agreement among certain California public retirement systems allowing members to move from one public employer to another. The move must be made within six months of leaving one agency to another participating reciprocal agency. This allows for some portability of retirement benefits. 
When you retire, you will receive a retirement benefit based on your years of service and benefit formula from each reciprocal agency. 

Each agency will use your highest Final Compensation,even if it is from a different agency, and your combined years of service to determine your retirement eligibility..."

Compare benefits and wages.  Whatever you choose, I suggest you contribute to some kind of supplementary fund, for your retirement years.  Good luck!

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