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    Return to nursing possible? Looking for advice/similar experiences.

    I work with people who never took a break from nursing and they can't remember meds symptoms of serious illness ect... Many, many women in my area take many years off to raise their children and then return to nursing when the last one leaves the nest.
  2. HighHotandAlot

    Return to nursing possible? Looking for advice/similar experiences.

    This is my humble opinion. I love nursing. I love the act of nursing that is, the rendering of care to a person in need. I hate the atmosphere. Nursing itself has got to be one of the most thankless, meat grinding, depressing, stressful environments to work in. I've been at this a long, long time and the way nurses treat each other is horrific. The never ending, petty, backstabbing, can't win attitude of a whole lot of these women I work with just sucks me dry on a daily basis and I'm counting the days until I retire. I would NEVER encourage my daughter to choose nursing as a career. Having said that, if you really aren't that sure, and it sounds like even when you were in it you weren't that sure of being a nurse, then let it go. Millions of people switch careers during their lifetime. Let this be one of those, "Oh and I was a nurse at one time" type of stories. Look into you heart and ask yourself what you would REALLY like to do with your remaining days here on this earth and GO DO IT. Live a wonderful life that enriches you and fills you so that not only do you have good days, but your teach your children by example that life is not to be dreaded each day. The best of luck to you and my thoughts are with you as you do this.
  3. HighHotandAlot

    Being bullied at work

    You are in a barrel of monkeys and your supervisor is the ring leader. Birds of a feather flock together and you need to open up the cage door and FLY!
  4. HighHotandAlot

    New RN in charge of a 155 bed SNF. What?!?!

    Go buy some really good malpractice insurance. You'll need it shortly.
  5. HighHotandAlot

    5 yr Nurse Burnout

    I'm so thankful I read your post tonight. I'm old and have been in nursing many years. I started a different job and went into it with rose colored glasses. The women I work with are horrid, wretched, nasty, back stabbing, pot stirring, trouble. Every single day I just HATE going to work because of the people I work with. It's not the job or the patients that get to me. It's my coworkers. My boss is wonderful and she tried to implement some changes and these #itches purposely sabotaged it so it wouldn't work. Every time I think I should go somewhere else I know it's the same any where I go. Why is it so hard for some people to just be nice?
  6. Your opinions are needed and much appreciated. I work in a very busy office. When a patient misses an appointment, the charge nurses or the HUC will go into that patient's chart and track them in the hospital to see what they are doing and how they are doing. Example, a patient missed their appointment in our office but we knew through the verbal grapevine that they were down in the ER. The HUC opened up their chart and READ ALOUD to the rest of us standing there, what the patient was in the ER for and told us all that she was still in the ER. My opinion is that this is a major violation of HIPAA. When a patient is not actively in our office, we have no right to open their chart and read what ever else they are doing. WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT?
  7. HighHotandAlot

    Do you think I have a case? HIPAA