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  1. Nitingale91

    New Grad Jobs in AZ

    Most new grads will work at a SNF for 6months to a year unless you already have connections with a manager or director.
  2. Nitingale91

    Maricopa CEP (Summer 2019 Start)

    By the way if anyone is in the CEP GWCC/ASU Morning Cohort let me know
  3. Nitingale91

    Maricopa CEP (Summer 2019 Start)

    I never looked Into the rubric scores and what not when I applied in January, but I haven't been to college since 2012 (but I still had all As & got almost a perfect score on the HESI A2) and I was nervous that I wouldn't have a chance of getting in. However I was one of the first to receive my acceptance email for Summer 2019 CEP GWCC/ASU. I don't think the Phoenix colleges are packed, but I also think it depends on your community college you choose. I live right next to Glendale community college but I chose Gateway because one of the Nursing Advisors that I was initially speaking to told me Glendale CC is one of the top 3 colleges CEP students choose. So yes it matters which school you choose, but I feel that its more so the community college you choose not the university (considering ASU CEP courses are all online they can't get packed can they??)
  4. Nitingale91

    CEP Summer 2019 (castle branch question)

    Hi, I was accepted into the CEP Summer 2019 GWCC/ASU Mornings and I just recently uploaded all of my documents to castle branch (immunizations, CPR, etc.) but I have not uploaded my castle branch background check results. We got an email in March about the Castle Branch background check and I started the background check the day we got the email. However, the castle branch background check is STILL pending and has not finished with a pass of fail yet. Is anyone else experiencing their background checks still pending or did yals finish immediately? My background check is still pending on National warrants and I haven't been outside of Arizona & a family member of mine works in law enforcement checked databases if I had any warrants and what not and he said I do not. Curious if anyone else is having this issue and if you could share your experience. Thanks