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  1. eihxel

    Challenge NCLEX-PN

    This will be a lot of work but thank you so much for the details. This gave me hope.
  2. eihxel

    Challenge NCLEX-PN

    Hi. Has anyone here studied in an accredited 4yr nursing program in the Philippines and was not able to finish it? I have 3 semesters left from graduating. Is it possible to challenge NCLEX-PN?
  3. Hi. I’m planning to take ABSN and I would like to ask advices in applying for this program. Around how much will it cost and any relevant information. Thank you!
  4. Hi. I’m a bachelor’s degree holder and I would like to know more about ABSN program. What’s the cheapest yet best school in New Jersey? Thank you!
  5. If I won’t come back here, what would be the best advice to get a BSN RN degree. I’m confused with how nursing schools work in the US. I have read there is an accelerated BSN for degree holders.
  6. Hi. I’m an incoming 3rd year student of an internationally accredited college here in the Philippines. Also, I already had a degree prior to taking up nursing in one of the known universities in PH. However, my fiancé already filed a petition and it only takes at least 6 months for the processing. Are there schools in New Jersey that would credit the subjects I have taken here? Or is there anyone here who experienced the same? Thank you!
  7. Hi. I’m a 2nd year nursing student in the Philippines but I have already a BA degree in Social Sciences. My fiancé is about to file a petition to bring me there and I don’t think i can finish my nursing school here. Will my credits be transferred to the US? If not, is it advisable to take the Accelerated BSN when I get there?

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