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    NCLEX Help!!

    Thank you so much @NurseRNBSN81
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    NCLEX Help!!

    Hello everyone, I need some advice about retaking NCLEX. I graduated Dec 2018 and scheduled to take the NCLEX on March 9. I thought it was enough time but apparently it wasn’t. I accepted a new job as a RN in January. I worked a lot of at the job but I didn’t think it would affect my study time but it did. I only used Uworld, did about 800 questions out of 2,000. I figured I would pass because some of my classmates told me they didn’t do many questions from uworld and they passed. I did the “trick” when I got in my car and it was bad, 3 days later I got my official results and I failed. Any advice about the 2nd time I really would appreciate it.