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    How to go about studying for PCCN exam?

    Hi guys! I was interested in getting a PCCN certification this year. Just as little background info about me, I've worked at a SNF for three years (currently work there per diem) and have worked full time on a telemetry floor for a little over two and a half years (still work there full time). I have not scheduled the exam yet because I first wanted to have a study/review plan and all my "ducks in a row". I asked the nursing educator for any tips or any study guides to recommend, but unfortunately she wasn't too familiar with the PCCN and did not give me much concrete advice. Though, she recommended that I attend a review class by the AACN. I've done some googling to try to find what tools nurses have used to pass and I'm getting a lot of mixed answers. For example, I was reading reviews on some PCCN review books on Amazon and the reviews are way too varied for me to confidently purchase. I don't want to waste my time studying and reading a book that won't benefit me in the end. On top of that, my work does reimburse me if I pass the exam so of course I don't want to be out a few hundred bucks if I fail! I want to do it right the first time. For those of you who have your PCCN, what review books and study guides did you use to pass? Did you attend a review class? About how much time did you dedicate to studying? Any other suggestions or tips to pass are welcome! Thanks!! 🙂