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    Awards assembly

    (yes I already know I am extra) I was wondering, do any of you participate in the awards ceremony as the school nurse? I ask because... as I was exiting the cafeteria the other day I overheard one of my 3rd grade students remind their substitute (that was already aware but not paying attention) that a student that she sat next to him had a severe food allergy to peanut butter and that he had a peanut butter sand which in his lunchbox *face palm*. It caught me off guard and I turned around and helped fix the situation. I told him I was very, very proud of him for recognizing this! That was HUGE. I thought about doing something for him for the award ceremony but I'm not sure what I would put on the reward? Suggestions? Please don't suggest I do nothing lol. As mentioned above, I already know I am super extra lol! I go above and beyond for my students especially when it comes to positive reinforcement.
  2. I honestly wish there was an allteachers.com website and forum so I could personally ask them (there may be, lol who knows) Some days I feel very empowered by my teachers, some days I feel very belittled by my teachers. I am not a nurse that doesn’t care and I don’t just sit in my office waiting for students - I do A LOT for everyone! We are a team. But sometimes I wonder if they even acknowledge or appreciate me? I would have to say this is my least favorite thing about being a school nurse - THE TEACHERS. Every year I acknowledge them on teacher appreciation week. One year I gave them little containers with candy inside as “chill pills”, this year I wrapped some sanitizer wipes and tissues and left a note saying “just wanna tissue a germ free teacher appreciation week” - I mean I try to be as helpful to them as possible and always think outside of the box. I do pop quizzes about “school health related” topics and give prizes out for the winners, send newsletters via email, etc. I don’t let them walk all over me BY ANY MEANS (or anyone for that matter - I’m 25 years old and feisty, just sayin) BUT it would make my job a lot more enjoying if for once they validated my position as their elementary school nurse. FYI, no one got me anything for nurses week other than a million of my students (whom I love and am thankful for). SORRY - VENT OVER
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    Medical room goodies?

    You and I sound very much alike (meant to go to original poster, not sure who I am commenting too lol). My office is actually very inviting. I have pictures of the kids on the wall (they love that), things they've colored me in frames on the walls, its very colorful and fun. I have books that they can read that are "nursing" such as doc mcstuffin books or informative books about ear infections with pictures for the older kids. I am a KG-4th school nurse and I don't think rewards make your office a place to come and hang out if you are stern with your nursing visits. If they come in for something serious, I take care of them. If its something minor and they are older (2nd through 4th) they get the care they need, and sent back to class. If I can tell they need a little bit of positive reinforcement or just a listening ear because they are having a bad day, I will give them something to cheer them up. If they are brave after being injured or do something kind, I reward them with an incentive. I think positive reinforcement goes along way with these kids. My older kids don't care about stickers or things from the "treasure chest" they'd rather just have someone to come talk to. I am that person, and happy to be. As far as ideas - I have stickers right now but LOVE the kiss stamp idea! That's sweet. Also every time they loose a tooth I have printed teeth and write their name on it outside of my office in the hallway on the "look who lost a tooth" wall. They love this, as well.
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    Most creative ideas you've had as a SN?

    Just curious, what are some ideas that you consider "outside of the box" or creative that you have implemented in your office/school as the School Nurse? I'll go first (I am an elementary school nurse - kg through 4th) 1. I created a "look who lost a tooth" wall outside my office. When students loose a tooth at school, I write their name on little teeth I printed online and staple them on the wall. The kids LOVE this! 2. I hang pictures of the kids everywhere in my office. I think this is a staple for the school nurse because it makes it comfortable and "home-y" for the kids. They're like "hey that's me!" or "hey that's so-and-so" - its cute :) I try to make my office as personable to my students as I can (I have 550 students in my school). 3. I printed "punch card's" out for my students that have anxiety related to coming to school and are absent a lot. I have a lot of students 2nd graders that experience this. I think its because 2nd grade is when teachers are no longer playing around, and "the real work" begins. I have a little girl that comes to my office every single morning crying and is absent a lot of the times. She gets 2 punches a day. 1 punch for being present at school and another punch for positive coping mechanisms in the classroom. When all punches are filled, there is a reward (pizza, ice cream, etc.). I find that this type of positive reinforcement works wonders.
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    Most creative ideas you've had as a SN?

    Yes I take them on my phone and just get them printed!