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  1. Mai Lan Phan Thi

    OCCC Spring traditional pathway 2020

    I applied with 15 points and this's the third time. @Kate1 don't worry, if you see the status is verified and the transcript is arrived then your application is going through. Wait like 6 weeks is really long for me though. Don't know if this time I can get in.
  2. Mai Lan Phan Thi

    OCCC Spring traditional pathway 2020

    I guess I would post the topic for OCCC spring traditional pathway 2020. The deadline is September 6, 2019 and I wonder anyone have applied yet.
  3. Mai Lan Phan Thi

    OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    Oh I didn't read carefully. I though this is for Spring traditional pathway. Good luck to all of you guys.
  4. Mai Lan Phan Thi

    OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    How many point did you guys apply with. The last Fall has waitlist with 15 points and I think waitlist #16 with 14 is the last one got in Fall semester.
  5. Hi Kasie_Vo, did you get the acceptance letter for alternative? And did you contact with osu-okc, I’m sure with 93 point, you absolutelly will get in the program. 

    1. Kasie_Vo


      Hi, I haven’t received any letters so far from OCCC. I called OSU the other day they said the transcripts I submitted was considered “unofficial”. I was dumb enough to not know official transcripts have to be sent directly from college to college. I’ll probably just wait till next semester. Thanks for asking though. 

    2. Mai Lan Phan Thi

      Mai Lan Phan Thi

      Oh I’m so sorry to know about that. It’s really a waste of time. They should give more specific instructions. But it’s ok just next semester you’ll get in the program for sure. Thanks for replying and good luck to you 🙂

  6. Mai Lan Phan Thi


    Oh I didn’t know that we still can upload the score after the deadline? Still that score be counted to our application?