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  1. Sumdaymurse

    Any nurses that love nursing and love their job??

    Im a cna, my coworkers and I just spent a good portion of the night trying to restrain a combative patient..it was not fun. There was blood, yelling, punching, kicking, you name it. I still want to be a nurse though. Of course some nights are just terrible. But most are okay, and I just love taking care of people. It makes me super happy just to get a blanket for someone who is cold and in pain or to rub someones back when they feel exhausted. Every job is going to have pros and cons, no job is perfect. Its work. Perspective is all you need :) and I think you have some great perspectives from the replies on this thread!
  2. Sumdaymurse

    Benefits of consecutive work schedule?

    I truly love this about my schedule <3
  3. Sumdaymurse

    Starting in Tele

    Hello there, I am still essentially a new grad with only one month experience as a CNA in a LTC facility. I just got hired as a CNA on a Tele unit at night (7p-730a). While I am very excited, I am still quite anxious! The manager said my patient load would be 12 pt's!! That was a bit of a shock to me due to the fact that we only had 8 in LTC. The reason she said the ratio is 12:1 for a CNA is because not all my pt's would be dependent and not all would need total care. I guess I understand that, but it still seems like wow. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone had any good tips for success for a new grad in telemetry. How can I be of utmost help to the nurses or just in general for a CNA starting out in acute care. Thank you so much!! Anything helps. P.S. I posted this in the CNA/MA forum with some views and no responses so that's why I am posting here. Thanks. I start in two weeks!
  4. Sumdaymurse

    Does anyone here actually like nursing?

    Your right. I should have thought about the title. Thank you though for your response. I appreciate it.
  5. Sumdaymurse

    Does anyone here actually like nursing?

    I just don't know very many nurses personally and I can't really ask the students their perspective because they aren't nurses. That's why I brought it up here. Perhaps it does belong in another thread, I just thought I would gain better insight by asking those that are working as nurses. Its been brought to my attention that many nurses use this forum as a way to vent. As someone pursuing nursing as a career, I am weighing the pros and cons. Unfortunately, I got myself caught in the cons and that is what prompted me to pose the question. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. Iv'e always been taught "kindness kills the devil," but I guess if the devil just wants you dead no amount of kindness can sway him (or her).
  6. Sumdaymurse

    Does anyone here actually like nursing?

    So I don't know because I'm not a nurse, but isn't it my choice whether or not to respond to such behavior? I imagine it would be difficult to work with someone who REALLY has it in for me, but aren't their ways to manage in spite of that?
  7. Sumdaymurse

    Does anyone here actually like nursing?

    Exactly why I brought it up! It was difficult to read the many not so peachy posts and still have faith that I am on the right path. These comments have put me at ease though. While I understand that no job is perfect and that nursing will undoubtedly be challenging, like others have stated, I just cant see myself doing much else. Congratulations for your ABSN, I wish you much success and satisfaction as you excel in your program and once you hit the floor as a Nurse!
  8. Sumdaymurse

    Does anyone here actually like nursing?

    I feel like most of what I read about nursing and peoples opinions or experiences with the profession are more often than not on the negative side. Based on what I have read, I cant say I blame anyone. Short staffing, Violent patients, mean doctors, bullying coworkers and everything else that seems to drive nurses from the bedside or from nursing entirely within a year being licensed. I just wondered if their were still nurses out there who actually liked being one, and why?
  9. I think smart phones/technology have made us stupid.. we’ve become so reliant on technology for just about everything and I’m not sure if it’s for the better.
  10. Sumdaymurse

    New Here

    Boy that takes guts! I know perhaps the grass might not be greener in some respects but the reason I’ve been at my current job for so long is due to the demand. CNA’s are in demand all day long, but of course they work infinitely harder than I am right now. So while taking a pay cut sounds daunting, at least I won’t have to worry about employment. Thanks for the advice, your awesome!
  11. Sumdaymurse

    New Here

    This is beautiful, thanks so much for the encouragement! Oh I definitely can’t see myself doing what I’m doing now until I retire. Your other points make absolute sense! Your courage and drive are just inspiring. Congratulations to you, and best wishes !!
  12. Sumdaymurse

    New Here

    Hello Allnurses!!! I am new here. I have been lurking on this forum for quite some time, with the intent of trying to get my ever pressing questionings answered as far as nursing is concerned. I figured since I spend so much time here I might as well just join! I am still a student (pre-req's) and traveling down the road to become an RN. That said, most all of my post's at this point will most likely be questions regarding nursing or healthcare in general. Im super glad to be here and I have already received so much insight from reading other posts which I am definitely grateful for. Bless you all for your hard work and dedication!