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What motivates you to pursue Nursing?



So, up until this point I have been decently motivated to continue pursuing nursing as a career. Then I started human anatomy! With everything I’m required to learn and memorize...it’s just so daunting. I NEED to take and do well in this class and the other sciences (as you all know) if I ever desire to achieve my goal of becoming a nurse. Yet, I am struggling so hard to even study, or be motivated at all. This is bad. I DO want to be a nurse, but its not this grandiose, picture perfect, sunshine daisies ideation of what I think nursing will be that is fueling that desire. I’ve seen it for what it is. Forget about the money, I’m sure there are other avenues for that, perhaps less stressful and time consuming avenues than nursing. Forget about the prestige, we all know nurses get s*** on (literally and figuratively). Forget about the job security, it’s still just a job. So I’m left with practical reasons for wanting to become a nurse - things Like, one day my job (where I only work three days a week and get paid decently in, which is another thing I feel is holding me back)  will be taken over by AI, and I’m not one for construction or mechanical labor, and I’ll have more job opportunities in the future. But why isn’t this enough?!?! Of course there is the caring aspect of nursing WHICH I LOVE. But I feel like I need more than a caring heart to trudge through these difficult courses! 

All that to say: what is motivating you to keep going?
p.s help

Working toward being a nurse is what gives my life purpose. It is part of a larger plan. The only way I can describe it is that I feel like I am being pushed toward my goal. All the things I thought I couldn't do I somehow manage to get through. I try to focus on who I will be on the other side instead of how painful the present feels. Sometimes we just need to keep our head down and keep pushing! By the way, Chemistry was my "is this worth it" class. And now that I have finished it, I can say YES it was.