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  1. Elliebeanlovesmisterbubbles

    Corrections CNA

    So long story short, I’m underpaid as a CNA in the covid 19 pandemic. I’m getting 14 dollars an hour with no hazard pay and we have had several covid 19 patients and are forced to test for covid 19 every week. I looked for a new CNA job and I found corrections CNA work- can someone give me advice about corrections CNA work? 1. is the job scary? Do the inmates target female nurses/ nurse assistants? 2. are the inmates violent/? Did you ever feel like your life was in jeopardy? 3. I’m coming from 1 year of snf experience, I want to say I have some experience in psych because several of our patients had major psych issues. Do you think I’ll be okay? the pay is more so I was hoping to switch to corrections nursing. Any input would be gladly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Elliebeanlovesmisterbubbles

    Just Passed NCLEX Waiting for Enforcement Division for DUI

    Hi I just passed NCLEX. My case was brought to the enforcement division because I have 2 DUIs. I submitted, rehab paperwork, alcohol anonymous documents, letters of recommendation, proof of character change, a letter of explanation etc. Now I’m just waiting for the boards. Does anyone know how long the process takes? Will they give me my license? My DUIs were one in 2017 and the other in 2018 and I haven’t gotten in any trouble since then. I’m also still on probation, will they deny my license because I’m on probation? I’m so scared! Any information would be really appreciated. I’m starting to panic and I don’t know what to think about where I stand in all of this.
  3. Elliebeanlovesmisterbubbles

    Passed LVN Boards DUI

    Hi I just passed my NCLEX for my LVN and I’m waiting for my license. I have 2 DUIs one in 2016 and another in 2018, will the state boards deny me my license? How long is the process? How long if possible to get my license?
  4. Elliebeanlovesmisterbubbles

    Just Passed My LVN

    Hi I just passed my LVN NCLEX and I have 2 DUIs and am still on probation, will they deny me my license? How long is the process until I get my license? im so terrified. My duis were on in December 2018 and another 2016. please help me with any information
  5. Elliebeanlovesmisterbubbles

    NCLEX PN in 12 days

    Hi, I'm taking my NCLEX pn in 12 days. I used UWorld and now I'm using the NCLEX Mastery app. I heard that exam cram pn has the exact same questions from NCLEX pn, should I get the book? I still have like 600 questions I can do on NCLEX Mastery app. Are there questions from NCLEX on the NCLEX mastery app too? Help! I'm totally panicking 12 days before my exam!
  6. Elliebeanlovesmisterbubbles

    DUIs and Schizophrenia Disclosure

    Hi, can I get your advice? I need a letter of explanation to send the Boards of Nursing with why I obtained 2 DUIs. Can you give me your opinion on my outline listed below? (Will I have problems if I tell them that I was using alcohol to cope because I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia/Psychosis?) Here's my rough draft outline Letter of explanation to State •Death in my family in nursing school •Developed psychosis in nursing school last term •Developed schizophrenia •Had delusion that pharmaceutical companies were trying to kill me & refused medication because of delusion •Undertreated for 4 years •Coping with alcohol •DUI 2016, 2018 •Stable now •Sees therapist every other week and psychiatrist 1 time a month •Taking Risperdal •Going to AA meetings •Going to rehab •Dreams to be a forensic psychiatric nurse •Dreams to help someone with schizophrenia. •Volunteers as a Sunday school teacher now •Part of church’s first aid team •Part of church’s medical mobile team •Strong support system, my family and friends •Writing e-devotionals now for my church to share my testimony of surviving schizophrenia
  7. Elliebeanlovesmisterbubbles

    LVN Restricted License California

    Hi, My friend is wondering if you know what the limitations are of having a restricted LVN license in california and what kind of jobs she'll be able to obtain, if any? She had an issue with her nursing school and so this is the only thing that the boards of California can give her for her transcripts.