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Corrections CNA


So long story short, I’m underpaid as a CNA in the covid 19 pandemic. I’m getting 14 dollars an hour with no hazard pay and we have had several covid 19 patients and are forced to test for covid 19 every week. 

I looked for a new CNA job and I found corrections CNA work- can someone give me advice about corrections CNA work?

1. is the job scary? Do the inmates target female nurses/ nurse assistants?

2. are the inmates violent/? Did you ever feel like your life was in jeopardy?

3. I’m coming from 1 year of snf experience, I want to say I have some experience in psych because several of our patients had major psych issues. Do you think I’ll be okay?


the pay is more so I was hoping to switch to corrections nursing. Any input would be gladly appreciated. Thank you!

Nunya, BSN

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There's a correctional nursing page, maybe try there if you don't get any answers here.  

"nursy", RN

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I was a nurse in corrections for 5 years and I loved it.  Never felt unsafe.  You are trained by the corrections staff in what to do and what not to do and then you make sure that you do EVERYTHING  according to protocol and regulations.  Having said that, my particular facility was I think pretty well run and the staff was well protected.  I have read about other facilities in the country that sound like they  would be horrible to work in.    So a lot depends on the type of facility, and the level of the inmates you are working with.