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    CSUN ABSN Spring 2019

    The info session was full by the time I RSVPed, can someone give the a summary?
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    CSUN ABSN Spring 2019

    Thank you for your response. When you say 3.8 GPA overall do you mean your overall cummulative bachelor's GPA including transfer GPA? Or previous major GPA? Or all prerequisites GPA? Sorry just super anxious about the whole thing at the moment. Currently I have a 3.76 major GPA (finance), but 3.14 cummulative GPA (darn those first years at Pierce college), my ABSN prerequisite GPA is 4.0 however. I have about 250 volunteer hours at a medical clinic where I mostly did patient intake, payment processing, recording of vitals, and appointment scheduling. For the volunteer verification form did you turn in your timesheet or a letter with appropriate letterhead from a supervisor verifying the hours? Other than this volunteer experience I have not held a paid position in the medical field, I've mostly worked in the hospitality industry. This year they only require 2 letters of recommendation and I plan on getting one from the primary physician at the medical clinic I worked at and my anatomy professor. (I asked if they'd take more, but they said it was unnecessary) Would you say I have a fighting chance at getting accepted? I'm so worried and anxious. Also in my statement of purpose I covered all the prompt questions, would this be ill-advised compared to focusing on a few of the questions? Any tips for getting in would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!!
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    CSUN ABSN Spring 2019

    Can those who got accepted go over your application stats?
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    CSUN ABSN 2020

    Good luck to everyone applying this year! I, too, am applying this year. I am extremely anxious about the whole thing though. What are everyone's application stats if you don't mind sharing?