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  1. ConnecticutMassRN

    How many students do you see per day?

    I have 688 students (pre-K - 6) and we average 60 visits a day (this includes daily meds. I have no diabetics). 5,059 visits this year to date. This is an improvement from 60-80 visits a day when I first started in 2017.
  2. ConnecticutMassRN

    Managing allergy symptoms

    That's hilarious! I think it will give a few lol's
  3. ConnecticutMassRN

    Managing allergy symptoms

    Spring allergies are not even in full effect in my part of the Northeast yet we are starting to see the kids (some come in right off the bus in the morning) with allergy symptoms. Mostly itchy, red eyes. Last May, I saw an average of 45 visits a day (many of the same kids/several times) with allergy symptoms. Almost all of them argued with me, "I don't have allergies" Ok, so what do you attribute your red, itchy eyes, clear runny nose and absence of fever to? How do you treat? I allow the kids to rinse their eyes, hold an ice pack for 2-4 minutes and return to class. I encourage them to tell their parents to utilize OTC allergy relief. In many cases, I contact parents and have the same conversation. When I see the same students multiple times a day, I do tend to get frustrated. I ask, "did your parents get the OTC allergy meds we talked about?" No... I reach out to the parent again. I'm not sure what else is expected in terms of treatment. I encourage the students to get back to class and manage through the day with their mild allergy symptoms. Last year, I had some refuse to leave my office until I cured them.
  4. ConnecticutMassRN

    Parent wants to stay all day

    I've been through a similar situation. My experience was that once the parents were confident with my ability to care for their child, they went from that same type of need for total and absolute control during the school day, after school-sports/dances and field trips - to almost non-existent this year.
  5. ConnecticutMassRN

    Nurse dies after assault at job. She finished her shift first.

    Heartbroken for this nurse and her family.
  6. ConnecticutMassRN

    Complaint of the Day

    This mother...is my hero
  7. ConnecticutMassRN

    Parents keep medicating their febrile kids in the morning

    Daily occurrence here...It usually starts around 11:30; tylenol/advil wears off and the kid feels like poo. I once had a student cry and tell me 'not to call his mom' because she threatened him with discipline if he came to the nurse. I confronted mom, confirmed that she had given him a dose in the morning which masked his fever until it didn't, and let her know it was totally unacceptable. She called my direct supervisors, all three of them, to complain about me and essentially told on herself for being an a-hole. I can't.
  8. ConnecticutMassRN

    student extracurricular activities

    What is your district policy on providing a nurse for field trips? Ours is, every effort will be made for a nurse to attend (where needed, i.e.: diabetic management) or, parents. Parents do not have to agree to attend and we can not make them. If the school can not provide a nurse, the field trip is cancelled. The student with medical needs can not be excluded for lack of finding a nurse to cover.
  9. ConnecticutMassRN

    Lab Coat or No

    As a nursing director, I was expected to wear a lab coat over my clothes. I am a fan of this look. I have my name and title embroidered on the left pocket. I think it's polished and professional and gives you a layer of protection, especially when you're expected to wear your own clothes vs. scrubs to work every day.
  10. ConnecticutMassRN

    Did I make the right choice?

    Toaster, you did the right thing. The nature of agency nursing is to be ready to cover when and where needed, without much notice. You will not receive any orientation. You will be called to different facilities constantly. It is for well-experienced nurses. Get out there and network. Show up at job fairs. Get in with a hospital and oriented to bedside nursing. Find your niche from there. Good luck!