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  1. NurseSears

    Donors Choose - Have You Done One?

    Have any of you done a Donor's Choose project? If so, what are some things you asked for? I am the nurse at an elementary school of 636. We have little tiny PK-3 year olds and several PPCD classes for kids with special needs. Trying to get an oral temp on these populations is next to impossible and I despise the forehead scanner thermometers. So! I did a Donor's Choose project for 5 ear thermometers that way I can leave a few in the portable classrooms too. I also asked for a desktop ice maker so I can stop getting the evil eyes from the cafeteria ladies every morning . Y'all - I GOT IT FUNDED IN LESS THAN 24HRS!! I definitely recommend this site if you've got a small budget or have an eye on devices/equipment that could help your school health clinic run more efficiently.
  2. NurseSears

    40 Students per day... YIKES!!

    To be totally honest (and maybe a tad vulnerable), I’m not sure how to refuse to do the non-nursing tasks. When I first started before the kids were in school I asked why teachers/TAs would bring a child to my office in soiled clothes, because that would mean they are making them walk down the hall like that. There was a MAJOR fit about me even questioning this. Since it is my first year, I don’t want to form an adversarial relationship with every teacher and administrator by refusing to do the things the nurse of 8 years before me did (love being compared to her daily). Then again, I don’t want to get run over and taken advantage of either.
  3. NurseSears

    40 Students per day... YIKES!!

    I am in my 1st year of school nursing and truly do love it so far. I read 100's of posts on here to get as many tips from you all that I could (THANK YOU!!) so I don't get in here and start feeling like I can't handle it. So, here's the deal --> I am seeing 35-40 students every single day. It's nuts. Most kids have to come to the health clinic with a buddy so then there's an additional 2 kids with each child that needs my assistance. There are times it's a madhouse in here. I have sent letters to the whole staff telling them things like a lost tooth or paper cut do not need to be sent to the nurse. I made each and every teacher (specials included) their own first aid box with supplies (bandaids, tooth boxes, etc.), but they still send kids that need nothing more than a band aid or a tooth box. I can (maybe lol) handle the high clinic traffic, but I am expected to have 99% immunization compliance by November 1st and there are days I don't have time to even enter 1. I think the only way I will get them all in is to bring them home and do them there. I'm also nervous about when flu season comes and when it's time to start screenings. With this many students coming to see me every day I'm nervous I am not going to be able to get the "other stuff" done that I am required to do. Have any of you fought this battle (asking knowing the answer is yes)? How do you deal with it? How do you get everything done while still seeing kids?
  4. NurseSears


    So many good tips, jnemartin! I am in my first year of school nursing too and it has been CRAZY!! I read and read and read on this board and found so many helpful tips There were a few extremely helpful ones that I feel like have helped keep my nose just above water.
  5. NurseSears

    CNM Midwifery Preceptor

    I am in my first semester of an MSN-Midwifery program in Texas. They strongly encouraged us in orientation, before school ever started, to begin looking for preceptors that we will need in Fall 2020 because it can take such a long time to find one to agree to take students. I have sent out several emails and called various clinics/hospitals/birth centers (I think I'm up to 30 now) and have only had one email me back with a positive response. I'm starting to feel like I made a mistake enrolling in a program that doesn't provide their students much guidance on establishing clinical rotation sites. My questions are... Is this common for other MSN-midwifery programs and students? Are there any CNMs out there that can possibly shed some light on hospitals or busier birth centers (literally I'll go ANYWHERE in the US) that are happy to take students? Any insight is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  6. NurseSears

    Finding a preceptor for FNP

    I'm sure that is so discouraging! Does your school provide a list of preceptor sites that they already have a contract with? I know a lot of times it is the placement agreement that take a long time to complete, so maybe starting with sites that already have that in place would save time. I am a student nurse midwife and am starting to look for preceptors too. Our advisor said if we're not getting many responses or getting a lot of refusals it might be best to try to go by in person.