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  1. Christina_


    Hello, I was just wondering what shoes people would recommend for working long shifts?
  2. I understand i took my NCLEX and got 148 questions. Don’t know if i passed and I’m to nervous to do the trick. 

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    2. Christina_


      Hey! I passed too!!! I thought I failed because I legit felt like I was guessing on everything and I didnt get a lot of SATA questions which scared me! Because everyone tells me if you get a lot of SATA then that means it is good.

    3. AALex


      Just checked the boards website and i passed!!!

    4. AALex


      Congratulations such a great feeling

  3. Christina_


    Hi guys, I just took my nclex today at 8am and was just wondering if anyone has done the PVT trick? I'm so anxious because I did the trick and I got the "bad pop up." I was able to register for another exam and I feel so defeated and stupid... 75 questions and I potentially failed according to the PVT trick... I was just wondering if anyone has done the trick and got the bad pop up, but still passed? I also feel so defeated because I barely got SATA questions.... I feel like there was only about 10 tops... I got a lot of teaching questions though.. Idk, I'm just really feeling down right now, I never did well on ATI, my predictor score for ATI was horrible, and my UWORLD comp test said I was borderline :/. I dont know what to do or think at this moment.... UPDATE: I just realized that I have been doing the trick wrong. Didnt know I had to continue to put my card information. Do I just put random numbers?
  4. Christina_


    Hello! I am graduating from nursing school this Saturday and I wanted to know your thoughts about purchasing Uworld. If you did purchase Uworld, was it helpful? Also, how many questions a day do you think I should do?
  5. Christina_

    Compression socks yes or no?

    Hey guys! I will be graduating from nursing school in May. I was just wondering if you guys recommend buying compression socks and if so, where do you guys get them??
  6. Christina_

    Would you hang these IVs?

    oops i mean 7.5!!! & it is an assignment for class, which I am having trouble with. I was hoping someone would help me understand when you should hang solutions for IV and when not to because it is dangerous
  7. Christina_

    Would you hang these IVs?

    Hi guys, I am having trouble with deciding whether these IVs should be hanged or not. Your patient has just returned to the surgical unit from the PACU after gastric resection. Prior to surgery, this patient has a NG tube to low continuous wall suction. The gastric output exceeds 1000mLs per shift. Her Ph is 75. The physician ordered LR at 150 mL an hour. Do you hang it? Why or Why not? If no what would be the correct solution? I was thinking that you should not hang the solution and hand 0.9 NS. The patient can go into metabolic alkalosis so LR shouldnt be hanged. A 9 year old patient is admitted to the ER in DKA. This morning the patient fell off his bike striking his head on the curb. He also has a epidural hematoma. The Dr ordered 2.5% dextrose in water to be infused at 50 mL/he. Do you hang it? I was thinking no because he is already in a DKA state, so infusing that will make it worse. But I dont know what to infuse.