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  1. Christina_

    NCLEX bad pop up !!!

    I have read that there were people who had the bad pop up and still passed. Hopefully, you will be able to see your results soon.
  2. Christina_

    Taking the NCLEX

    Yes, you can apply to take the NCLEX in New York.
  3. Christina_

    NCLEX Prep

    I also agree with Rionoir. I think it's better to purchase apps/study material like UWORLD after graduation. & I believe that UWORLD is worth the money. It is expensive, but it did help me pass NCLEX. I did not like ATI. It didn't help me at all. ATI actually told me I was borderline for failing the NCLEX lol. My school also required us to do this 1 week long ATI review class. & they gave us a comprehensive ATI review book. I did not find the review that helpful and I didn't even open the comprehensive ATI book. I just practiced questions everyday on UWORLD. & ended up passing on my first try with 75 questions. My best advice for when you graduate is to practice questions whenever you can. & make sure to read the rationales. (Reviewing labs and knowing your priorities & fundamentals is also important)
  4. Christina_

    NCLEX RN repeat test taker

    Hey! Sorry, but what exactly do you need help with? Is it the process of applying to take the NCLEX? What are you stuck on?
  5. Christina_

    How Soon After Graduation Did You Take NCLEX?

    I took NCLEX about a month and a half after graduation. I bought UWORLD and took the comp predictor test. Honestly, I wouldn't rely on predictability on whether you will pass or not. My school also did ATI and I always did horrible on them. ATI said I had ~50% chance of passing the NCLEX and the UWORLD comp test said I was borderline for passing. I ended up passing on my first try with 75 questions. I think that it's better to take the NCLEX soon after graduation rather than waiting a few months. But, thats just me, some of my friends didn't take NCLEX until about 3-4 months after graduating and they passed. It really just depends on you. It's great that you are practicing questions. Another tip I can give you is to know you lab values & prioritization. At least for the NCLEX RN, I'm not sure if the NCLEX PN is similar or not.
  6. Christina_

    Most of the class cheating??

    I agree, don't ever drop down to their level. I struggled so much in nursing school. Hell, I even failed a nursing class and I was so close to getting kicked out of the program because you are only allowed to fail one nursing class. It infuriated me how much I was struggling and then there were those in my class who was cheating on exams.
  7. Christina_

    Most of the class cheating??

    People were caught cheating in my class. My professor caught a few people cheating and she told the chair about it. The chair person talked to those who were accused of cheating in her office and that's it. However, there were even some people who were accused of cheating who was not cheating. There was no further investigation or anything... I know people who were cheating because I saw it with my own eyes. TBH, I wanted to say something because it's annoying how there are people who are studying their asses off and there are others who are cheating their way through nursing school. I ended up not saying anything. I just minded my own business. I graduated nursing school in May 2019 & I passed NCLEX. Those who cheated, actually ended up passing NCLEX too.
  8. Christina_

    NCLEX Questions

    Hello, many people would recommend purchasing UWORLD. I recommend it too! I bought the 3month package because I wanted the 2 self assessments. It really depends on you and how you plan on utilizing UWORLD. I only used UWORLD for about a month before my exam. Didn't need the full 3 months, but again I just wanted the 2 self assessments. Many of my friends bought the 2months package and just used it the month before their exam.
  9. Christina_

    School + Work?

    Many of my friends worked full time while going to nursing school. Towards, the 3-4th year of nursing school some of them switched to part-time because it was getting hard for them in regards to clinical & studying etc.. I only worked per diem throughout nursing school. You can definitely work full time while going through nursing school, just keep in mind that you have to stay organized and time management is important. If you're struggling to keep up with both, it may be better to work part-time if possible. (Or if you can find a job that is flexible, it'll be even better!)
  10. Hi Christina. Did anything help you with the ati 2019 exit exam ? I'm taking my exam in a couple weeks and I am freaking out right now.

    1. Christina_

      Christina_, BSN, RN

      Hello! I actually didn't prepare for my comp ATI exam. I just took it. My school doesn't require us to have a certain score to pass. We just have to remediate if we don't get a passing score.

      However, many of my friends watched this person named Cathy Perks on youtube. This is her channel https://www.youtube.com/user/crankymama it may help you. 

      Sorry if I was no help, best of luck to you on the ATI!

    2. Favor


      Thank you

  11. Christina_

    Best NCLEX Prep 2020

    Hello! UWORLD is very popular today and many people go for uworld. I will also recommend UWORLD. My school also made us do ATI and I didn't like it at all. They made us do an ATI live review class to prepare for the NCLEX and I didn't like it. They gave us a comprehensive ATI review book, but I didn't open that book at all. All I used was UWORLD to prepare for the NCLEX. I didn't do the best on ATI or UWORLD. ATI said I had ~50% chance of passing the NCLEX and the comp predictor for UWORLD said I was borderline. My scores on UWORLD ranged anywhere from low 40s to 80s. I passed NCLEX in 75 questions on my first try. I would not worry about scores you get tbh. Just practice questions and read the rationales for the questions that you do. Try to understand why you got that question wrong. Good luck to you significant other! I hope she passes the NCLEX!
  12. Christina_

    How do I study for NCLEX RN?

    Congrats for making it through nursing school! I think the best way to "study" for the NCLEX is to practice questions. Many people use UWORLD (I used it) to prepare for the NCLEX. There are also many others who would take NCLEX review classes. My school required us to take a live ATI review and I honestly did not find it helpful. I didn't use anything else to study, I only used UWORLD. In my opinion, I don't think studying for the NCLEX by reading the saunders book would help. Practice questions everyday, but don't overdue it! & read the rationales for the questions. Understand the ones you got wrong and it doesnt hurt to read rationales for the questions you got right too. Goodluck & best of luck to you!
  13. Christina_

    CNA skills test

    Hi Rosa, so idk how much of it has changed because it has been 6 years since I took the exam. But, I do remember my teacher teaching us that a patient should not take steps when transferring them from bed to wheelchair. The wheelchair should be as close to them as it can be. There feet should be on the ground once they are standing its a quick pivot to the wheelchair. It should be more of a quick "bounce" from bed to chair, not sure if im using the right word there lol. They should not take a step. Its hard to explain what I mean. This video will help explain what I mean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdsCbquuoXE Again, I took this 6 years ago and that video was made in 2014, so many things have probably changed. But, since you failed because your patient took steps, i'm assuming that didn't change. & also what do you mean when you said your patient took steps? Did they have to take steps because the wheelchair was not close to them? Did they take more than 1-2 steps? etc...
  14. Christina_

    RN Dialysis training - Davita vs Fresenius

    Really?? I've met tons of nurses here who love dialysis!
  15. Christina_

    Davita Training Cohort Interview SF Bay Area

    Hey Zack! How's working as a Dialysis nurse so far? I'm also a new grad and will be starting off as a dialysis nurse next month. Do you like it so far?
  16. Christina_

    RN Dialysis training - Davita vs Fresenius

    I have a friend who works at Fresenius. I dont remember how long her training was but she loves it there. She's a new grad. She says a lot of her co workers like working double and some work 12 hour shifts because it gives them the option to take more days off during the week. (working 3 days a week instead of 5). However, because shes a new nurse she's not allowed to work a double or the 12 hour shift (atleast at her clinic). The manager says that it will be too much for a new grad to handle, so as of right now she only works 8 hour shifts 5 days a week. I believe half way through training she had to get passed off from a nurse educator and towards the end there was a written exam that you HAVE to pass. If you do not you have to take it again and pass.

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