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  1. working remotely

    Hello, I'm a new male RN but have been a Healthcare Administrator for 15 years, mostly managing Nursing Homes. I wish to transition to working remotely for the purpose of travel/living abroad. Does anyone know of nurse jobs which can be remote and al...
  2. Hello all, So my question is to anyone who knows about the CA Board of Nursing standards...Has anyone taken an online LPN to RN and has gotten approval to practice as an RN in California? Currently, I'm acquiring my LPN (from night school) and I grad...
  3. What will the California Board of Nursing want?

    THanks Caliotter3, I did find a Presentation College graduate who was successfully in California but found that they were no very upfront about their pricing and credit transferring. I know to stay away from Excelsior (now called distance learning)....
  4. Presentation college lpn to bsn

    Hey guys, I am looking at Presentation University LPN to BSN online...but I wish to work in California when I am either of you know of any graduates from Presentation U. who work in California? Specifically from the online program where the...
  5. LA HH or HO RNs?

    Work-wise I cannot say... Pay-wise, expect up to 20% less...because large saturation of nurses in LA.
  6. Online School Nurse Certification?

    Sorry, misread your post. not sure