What will the California Board of Nursing want?


Hello all,

So my question is to anyone who knows about the CA Board of Nursing standards...Has anyone taken an online LPN to RN and has gotten approval to practice as an RN in California?

Currently, I'm acquiring my LPN (from night school) and I graduate in 4 months. I am also taking Pre-Reqs for an RN program during the day....so I can quickly get into an LPN to RN program or an LPN to BSN program.

I plan to live in California, however, the least expensive LPN to RN bridge program in Califiornia that I have seen is $38,000 and second lowest was $52,000. I know that California Board of Nursing is specific about their requirements to grant RN licenses... they require--> 800+ clinical hours concurrent to classroom theory and X-number of hours in each nursing modality.

I wish to take an online LPN to BSN (Presentation University, in North Dakota) program ...and they offer clinicals concurrently (once a month)....However, I want to make sure that I can still get my CA license after completing this program which is NOT in California.

I called CA Board of Nursing but they will not speak to specific nursing programs and whether or not the program will be approved by them.

My question: Has anyone taken an online program and then gotten approved by the California Board of Nursing to practice as an RN in California??


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You can rest assured the answer to this is NO. But, yes, many people graduated from the Excelsior (prior name Regents) College distance nursing program prior to December 2003 and were approved for licensure in CA before the change in policy. Ask administrative personnel at Presentation University about their graduates becoming licensed in CA. They should have no problem giving you an upfront answer.

THanks Caliotter3,

I did find a Presentation College graduate who was successfully in California but found that they were no very upfront about their pricing and credit transferring. I know to stay away from Excelsior (now called distance learning). I work during the day in Fairfield California and not sure how to fit in getting my RN in the evenings...seems all i find are community colleges offering LVN to RN during the day. Hoping to find a night program at some point.