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  1. Arizona College

    Hello, Is there anyone who is going to Arizona College in Las Vegas? I’m planning to apply there, but I need some input from students who are currently going to the school. Are all general courses are provided online? Or only in in-person on ca...
  2. CSN RN Program Curriculum

    Hello? I’m still taking pre reqs and half way through. I’m still deciding which Associate program I should apply (2 in Las Vegas I believe). I’ve found a few posts about CSN Nursing program, but couldn’t find information about the semester(s) for men...
  3. Sexual activities in LTC

    Hello, One of people who works in LTC shared stories about encountering resident masturbating and residents having sex. I’m wondering what do you do in those situations and what do you document as a nurse? I’ve never encountered to the situations lik...
  4. Las Vegas College

    Hello, I’m interested in ASN program at Las Vegas College in Henderson, NV. Is there anyone who graduated the ASN program there? Or currently taking the program there? Can you share your experience? Like how the class scheduled? How’s your clinical...