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CSN RN Program Curriculum

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I’m still taking pre reqs and half way through. I’m still deciding which Associate program I should apply (2 in Las Vegas I believe). I’ve found a few posts about CSN Nursing program, but couldn’t find information about the semester(s) for mental health, peds and OB. Can anyone please share the experience for those courses like schedules- how long clinical, lab and lecture (how many hrs per day in a week and how many weeks in a semester)? Also, what unit will the students will be placed for med-surge II? and what can we expect preceptorship clinical placement? (Where and what unit students are typically placed etc...)

Any info would be appreciated:)


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The CSN website is searchable for classes, just pretend you're searching for classes for registration purposes and there will be listings of classes with their times and dates. Typically clinicals will be a week or two less than the entire length of the course.

Mental Health is a full semester course and taken second semester along with Med/Surg I. For third semester the student will spend eight weeks in maternal newborn nursing and the other eight weeks in pediatric nursing.

Med-Surg II is critical care and clinical placements will vary from hospital to hospital. Students might be rotated through intensive care, intermediate care, emergency and med/surg units. Students might spend the entire clinical experience in one unit, it depends on what each hospital is able to offer.

For preceptorship, the student will be assigned to work with one nurse for ten 12-hour shifts. The units can include ED, Med/Surg, IMC, ICU, Peds, PICU, Nursery, NICU, L&D , Ante Partum, and Post Partum.

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Hey there I’m currently in semester 3 of the program.

1st semester you have 1 clinical, 1 lab and 2 didactic classes so you’re on campus maybe 3 days a week. Clinical is usually in a nursing home. Clinical is 8 hours long.

2nd semester is very demanding and hard to work during. 5 days a week, 2 clinical and 2 classes and 1 lab. Mental health rotates to places like the jail, north vista, monte vista, AA, etc. Med surg can be pretty much anywhere. Med surg is VERY difficult with lots of paperwork. But you learn good skills. This is when you learn to place IVs and foleys and stuff like that. Clinical for psych is short, usually 6:30-12ish. Med surg is 6:30-2pm ish.

3rd semester is peds and OB. Mine are at sunrise, but Ob is online due to COVID. Peds is fun, OB is more difficult but still interesting. No lab for either of these classes. So one day in clinical and one in class, 2 days a week. Each class is 8 weeks so half and half. Clinical is around 7 hours or so.

each semester you have to pass a dosage calculation exam, this gets harder as the program goes on. You get 2 chances to pass with a 95% or better. The first one is easy and they give you practice problems. Take the toolbox class if you can, it only helps and you can make some friends along the way.
let me know what other questions you have specifically 🙂 so far 3rd semester is the best!

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