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Kmo97 has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Medical Surgical Nursing & Health Education.

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    You can buy your quick results for around $8!
  2. Kmo97

    Att for December graduates

    In Texas you can go to and get your GN permit information with just your name and which license you applied for (RN or LVN/LPN). Other states may have a similar look up system. Exploring your states BON ...
  3. Hi! I think saw that you were leasing your apartment! I was wondering if the offer was still available?

  4. I just accepted an acute care position at the Round Rock location! Apparently, across the board they have a pretty good reputation for getting back to their candidates within a day or two after the live interview. Good luck everyone! If you get a liv...
  5. Kmo97

    UTMB Galveston Spring 2021

    Just DM'ED you!
  6. Kmo97

    UTMB Galveston Spring 2021

    Hey Folks! Congratz to those who have gotten their acceptances! And to those still waiting or on the waitlist, hang in there! I have several friends in the program who were pulled from the waitlist! I'm actually a 4th semester student right now, plan...
  7. I had clinical the day of the ATX area expo, but I was able to get some info from a friend who attended! My interview is for acute care which was my #1 choice. Thank you so much, I hope yours goes well too!
  8. Oh yeah that was me, haha. Just trying to get a better understanding of the process!
  9. Congratz! I'm curious how many time slots were available when you signed up?
  10. The phone screen is just to confirm where you got your nursing degree, what your GPA is/was, location preference, specialty preference and if you have any certifications. It's also a good time to ask when they plan to send out live interview invites ...
  11. I was surprised to see it so soon, but this past Thursday I got a live interview invitation for an acute care in the Round Rock and Lakeway area! When I went to schedule it there were 24 available times. I'm not sure if that means they plan to interv...
  12. A friend of mine, who did a phone screening with the DFW region, was told it depends on the unit. I got a confirmation email. Maybe try signing up again in case you needed to press one more button?
  13. Practice before hand! I won't disclose the questions out of fairness to other applicants who didn't know them in advance, but if you Google common nursing interview questions and get pretty comfortable your answers to a few of those then you should b...
  14. I had my phone screening for Round Rock and Lakeway a few days ago. It was basically confirming where you got your nursing degree, what your GPA is/was, location preference, specialty preference and if you have any certifications. He also offered to ...
  15. I also just got the email to do the phone interview! It took 10 days for me as well. I think you're right about Round Rock doing it earlier. They're my number 1 choice!