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  1. Aesthetic RN NYC Salary?

    Hi! Just trying to get a feel for how much RNs (not NPs) in NYC make anywhere in the cosmetic (plastics, dermatology, aesthetic, medspas) field, primarily outpatient/private practice. I have a friend from LA who was making 85k on paper but was bringi...
  2. Columbia SON MDE 2019

    Ok thanks so much!! Last question, haha sorry! Do you remember what exactly we have to buy (scrubs, equipment, etc) just so I know how much to allot?
  3. Columbia SON MDE 2019

    Thanks for the info!! I would only be working Saturdays from 8-4, based on your experience would that interfere with my studies? Also, how soon do you start clinicals?
  4. Columbia SON MDE 2019

    What was the class schedule like throughout the week, any possibility I can keep my part time job or would it be in my best interest to solely focus on the MDE program?