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  1. ilovecheese

    UPMC Nurse Residency 2021

    Did you ever hear anything back?? I've scheduled a few interviews with UMPC Children's this/next week but they're all for "the bench"/pipeline and not for currently open positions.
  2. ilovecheese

    New Grad NICU RN!

    Happy to report my interview went well today! I've been asked to do a peer interview tomorrow for 15-30minutes with one of the nurses on the unit. Any tips/ good questions to ask a current NICU nurse on the unit?? Thanks everyone!
  3. ilovecheese

    New Grad NICU RN!

    I have an interview for a NICU new grad position, but I have no NICU experience. Do you have any advice for how to backup why you want to work in the NICU even though you have no experience? I'm not sure how to best show my passion without evidence. Thanks!
  4. I am hoping to get other's experience/advice/input. Is quality of life better working a fixed night schedule, or rotating back and forth between nights and days. I can see how a rotating schedule would be better for social life. At first I thought a fixed schedule (even if it was the night shift) would be better for sleeping consistently, fatigue, health ect.. but now I think maybe the opposite. Now that I am a new grad nurse, I am considering a few potential job opportunities with various shift schedules. If you had to choose between two jobs and one was permanent nights, and the other was rotating shifts, which would you think as more favorable? (pretending everything else about the jobs were equal, and focusing on differences in your life balance, sleep, health and wellbeing ect..) Would love to hear your experiences! Thanks!
  5. ilovecheese

    Yale New Haven Children's- 2021 Residency

    I applied too! I spoke to a recruiter about it last week and she said they'll be interviewing in early January. Was sent a reference survey form today, but haven't heard anything about the interview yet. Have you heard anything yet? Good luck!!
  6. ilovecheese

    Northeastern Direct Entry 2019

    Congrats to all who have been accepted! For those of you who have been accepted, did you hear from the DE director or your specialty’s director with your acceptance?
  7. ilovecheese

    Northeastern Direct Entry 2019

    Me too. Was expecting to have heard by now even if it was a rejection. The fact that each specialty does things different makes sense in theory, but I wish the timeline was standardized and communicated clearly.
  8. ilovecheese

    Northeastern Direct Entry 2019

    Ugh so frustrating! Has anyone else on here had a PNP interview?
  9. ilovecheese

    Northeastern Direct Entry 2019

    Does anyone know when final decisions are expected to be made in general? I know some specialties have heard already and others have not. I have not heard back yet after my interview, and was debating contacting admissions because I have other deposit deadlines coming next week. Does anyone who’s been accepted know when the deposit deadline is for this program?
  10. ilovecheese

    Northeastern Direct Entry 2019

    I was asked only a few basic questions like why NP and why specifically pediatrics. At least half of the time was for me to ask the peds Director questions about the program, so definitely have some prepared! I asked about things like pediatric specific research opportunities, and the structure for the pediatric masters part. Some specialties are a hybrid online and in person format for the masters classes, but I learned that peds is only in person. Good luck!
  11. ilovecheese

    Northeastern Direct Entry 2019

    Thanks! Anxiously waiting to hear back! I had my interview last Wednesday for PNP but I think was toward the beginning. Do you know if they give out any scholarships?
  12. ilovecheese

    Northeastern Direct Entry 2019

    Congrats! Do you know when the last day of interviews were for your specialty?
  13. ilovecheese

    Northeastern Direct Entry 2019

    Agreed! I remember from the open house though that the director was retiring at the end of last year and they weren’t sure who was taking over yet. I’m assuming that’s playing into why it’s taking longer this year
  14. ilovecheese

    Pros and Cons of Direct Entry NP Programs?

    I also agree that experience is important- more so for actually being hirable. That's why I applied to Northeastern because they build in time during the program (between the bachelors and returning to the masters) that you can work full time as a nurse. Then you can continue on to the masters portion while continuing to work part time as a nurse. On average their students have 3 years of nursing experience by the time they graduate from the direct entry program. If I am not accepted to this direct entry program then I will be doing an ABSN program and working afterwards before applying to a traditional NP program.
  15. ilovecheese

    MGH ABSN Summer 2019

    Hello! I've also been accepted! Currently I am torn between MCPHS and MGH IHP. The ABSN program at MGH IHP is significantly more expensive but I am wondering if the Boston location and former affiliation with MGH means that students will have an advantage like having clinicals in the bigger Boston hospitals. I know that the elevated cost is partially because of the name, but I was told MGH IHP isn't even affiliated with the hospital anymore. Does anyone have any positive or negative insight related to either of these schools that would help others of us determine if the extra cost is worth it over going to a less expensive school? I wasn't able to make it to the open house! Any insight is appreciated!
  16. ilovecheese

    MCPHS Fall 2019 ABSN Program

    Hello! I've also been accepted! Where else has everyone applied? Currently I am torn between MCPHS and MGH IHP mainly because of location. Im wondering if MGH IHP's location in Boston and former affiliation with MGH means that students are more likely to be placed in clinicals in the bigger Boston hospitals. Does anyone know anything about the MCPHS clinicals or have any information to help compare the two programs aside from cost?