Permanent nights VS. Rotating shifts and quality of life


I am hoping to get other's experience/advice/input. Is quality of life better working a fixed night schedule, or rotating back and forth between nights and days. I can see how a rotating schedule would be better for social life. At first I thought a fixed schedule (even if it was the night shift) would be better for sleeping consistently, fatigue, health ect.. but now I think maybe the opposite. Now that I am a new grad nurse, I am considering a few potential job opportunities with various shift schedules. If you had to choose between two jobs and one was permanent nights, and the other was rotating shifts, which would you think as more favorable? (pretending everything else about the jobs were equal, and focusing on differences in your life balance, sleep, health and wellbeing ect..) Would love to hear your experiences! Thanks!

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Straight nights. Rotating shifts are well documented to shorten lifespan, increase stress, increase susceptibility to disease and increase depression.

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I worked rotating for almost 2 years. It for my family apart. It made me depressed,  over weight, unhealthy, sleepless, and struggling. Don't do it. Do straight shift.