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QueenOfTheNuts has 6 years experience as a ADN and specializes in ER, ICU, MS, SNF, OTC, Perianesthesia, LTC.

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  1. from Ambulatory Care to Bedside

    I was at bedside then went ambulatory and am now going back to bedside. I thought I was done at bedside and doing all those things but it made me realize I missed ICU to my core. So, back I go. I like having days off to myself versus every day I ge...
  2. I don't love the ICU. Want to go back to Med/Surg?

    It's absolutely OK to feel like this. I left ICU a year ago to do OP m-F 9 to 5, basically. I missed ICU so much but I couldn't keep up with rotating shifts, they were killing me. I have worked med surg in a small critical access facility and ICU ...
  3. Permanent nights VS. Rotating shifts and quality of life

    I worked rotating for almost 2 years. It for my family apart. It made me depressed, over weight, unhealthy, sleepless, and struggling. Don't do it. Do straight shift.
  4. Aspen University

    That's generally how it works, when you stuffed and if you do a good job, the facility that you precept at will generally just offer you a job. And they consider your preceptorship part of your training even though you'll still get training on top of...
  5. Aspen University

    Are you doing a prelicensure BSN? I did not do that. I obtained each degree independently, did NCLEX and upgraded my jobs. Again, it's going to be based on your area. Your experience is what is going to matter. If you do not have any experience...
  6. Aspen University

    So if you're not currently working as an RN, then yeah a facility is going to look at your last degree obtained. Because that's your last degree and they want to make sure that you actually have the credentials and skills needed in order to be able t...
  7. Aspen University

    Are you currently working as a RN now?
  8. Aspen University

    I have 10 classes left. I find it interesting that most jobs won't acknowledge Aspen because that doesn't make any sense. It's dual accredited so its nationally and regionally accredited. And like in my area we go with nationally accredited which mak...
  9. Aspen University

    They have dual accreditation. Have you researched both? That's what I did when I was shopping around for colleges. They hit the mark of what I wanted.
  10. How can I make Rocephin I'm hurt less???

    1% Lido needs to be mixed with your rocephin. That's what we do in ER and outpatient therapy.
  11. Pulse Checks and Epi

    Same here
  12. Best nurse brain sheet?

    Yeah. I put access under thr assessment and meds/ infusions on the right. But I don't use it anymore. I did my first six months. Now it's folded napkin?
  13. Best nurse brain sheet?

    What I created is able to be in a tri-fold. The left side is for labs the middle is for your notes for your abnormals on your assessment and then there admission reason is at the top. On the right hand side is basically you're rounding so if they hav...
  14. CCRN practice exams/pre test scores

    Laura gausparis. She's amazing. I just did her 2 day review in Vegas. Phenomenal instructor. Look her up on YouTube
  15. Best nurse brain sheet?

    I have one that a lot of people on my unit ask to use for the new staff. When I get I will upload a picture for you. I created it for what I needed when I first started icu.