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  1. Hi all... I am completing the prerequisites for nursing school currently, and I have a question for you. I hear so much about the reasons one becomes a nurse...they go into nursing because it's their calling, they want to help people, make a difference, etc. My reasons for wanting to become a nurse aren't really because I have a huge drive to get out there and to help people. Of course, I gladly help people in everyday life and it's an enjoyable thing, but this is not my "drive" in life. I want to become a nurse because I love science and anatomy and I can see myself enjoying learning about the body, talking to people, figuring things out, and seeing tangible results of my actions. I have been drawn to specializing in OR nursing, or maybe psych nursing, because nothing really phases me. I am not trying to sound arrogant when I say that, it's just that I have a high tolerance for crazy. I also don't mind being on my feet most of the day and tend to have a good amount or energy and stress control - I grew up the oldest of 7 kids in a very wacky family so maybe the chaos that was my every day life has contributed to that. Anyway - what do you all think? Is a big underlying desire to help people really required of a good nurse?
  2. HotSauce77

    Online pre-reqs for RN

    Ocean County College in New Jersey! They have been a lifesaver for me, because A&P 1 was full at my local school and in order to make the August 31 nursing application deadline, I had to get started on my pre-reqs asap. OCC has several start dates and flex terms. You can enroll as an online visiting student, and register for classes the same day. I checked with my home school and their A&P courses are accepted for transfer.
  3. HotSauce77

    Any TCC - Tarrant County College Spring 2020 hopefuls?

    TCC just offers an associates. They have agreements with UTA and TWU though...so once done with TCC, you can do 2-3 semesters at UTA and have your BSN!
  4. HotSauce77

    Anatomy and Physiology 1 Tips?

    I am also very new to A&P and taking my first class right now. My plan is to immerse myself in the material. I listen to A & P lectures on you tube while I am at work, and in the car. I really like Aaron Mullally's channel, he is direct and to the point with the material. Make index cards with things that are important to remember and refer to them often. For me, writing things down in a way that makes sense to me really makes it stick.
  5. I know I am super early - but is anyone else hoping to apply to the Spring 2020 class? How are things going? I am taking the first pre-req now - A&P I. I will take A&P II and micro in the summer. It's going to be a crazy six months but I am determined to get all three pre-reqs done by the August 31 deadline. Nursing will be a second career for me and I am ready to jump into this, like now. I love science and I love people. I am always "diagnosing" family members around me the moment I hear them sniffle I also just registered for the HESI! The new exam dates were listed on the TCC website today.