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  1. Did you complete all the nur exams with excelsior I am waiting to take my nur 104 105 exams do you have any advice for me.

    1. mibrazuka


      Hello! I've finished my last exam in August and I'm currently enrroled on the FCCA modules. My advice is to be self-motivating, schedule the exams before you start studying.  I struggled through my first exams and I let time just slip from me because of fear and lack of motivation. After finding some great resources I started feeling more confident and passing with As and Bs. So here are some great resources:

      👉NRSNG Academy is an AWESOME resource to really grasp the content, easy to navigate, a lot of visuals and extra materials and an excellent place to study for NCLEX.

      Here's a sample course video and resources on fluids and electrolytes:


      👉Another resource is if you are a visual learner like me! It will quiz you often so you won't forget the important stuff! Try it out


      👉There is also StudyGroup101 that is good for having everything you need, just a little dry and meh.. TONS of practice questions and rationals, but really if you have the resources above you don't need this.

      👉My advice would also to buy practice exams from Excelsior

      We can do this!!

    2. trinabart5


      I need help I just took nur 104 and failed I read study guide 101 bought  Practice exam one reviewed All questions  read and read again until I couldn't look at it anymore and I still failed do you have any notes on 104 for in this that you already past that I can have. any advice on future exams


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