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Peppery's Latest Activity

  1. Peppery

    CVCC 2019 applicants?

    If anyone who got in and is finishing your first semester is still around, I’d love to hear how it went! Feel free to share ANYTHING!
  2. Peppery

    CVCC 2020 applicants

    I’ve got everything ready, just need them to release the new application. This is my last try, I’ll be 42 with 3 kids colleges to pay for in a few years so I can’t keep wasting time. I feel good about this year though. All prerequisites done for 10 points, 5 points for over 12 cvcc credits and 27 ACT points. If 42 points isn’t good enough then I’m going to try maybe radiology or surgical tech at CT or give up altogether.
  3. Peppery

    CVCC 2019 applicants?

    Anyone else waiting to hear from Chattahoochee Valley CC next week?

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