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  1. pennyeary

    sending sick children home

    Do you see every parent of every child you send home? Do you tell them the student cannot return the next day? I am thinking of printing up some type of postcard like thing that has the guidelines for returning to school. Sent student home yesterday with temp, kiddo was back today and had temp again sent him home. When I called mom she said she was unaware of the 24 hour fever free policy.
  2. pennyeary

    question---How many?

    I am the only one district wide of about 700-750 students with approximately 350 elementary. My office is based at the elementary the middle school and high school handle the majority of things at the other campuses unless they need my help. I am responsible for all immunizations and screenings per Texas state law and entering this information. The first semster of this year I have seen over 1,300 students, middle school has seen 160, and High school has seen about 130. I have done over 550 vision hearing and scoliosis screenings. What kind of numbers are you seeing?
  3. pennyeary

    tick tock....1 more sleep

    Everyone I have seen either has the flu or has eaten too much sugar. my office has been crazy this morning.
  4. pennyeary

    How many "school sleeps" until Holiday break?

  5. pennyeary

    End of First semester

    As we approach Christmas vacation I realized we are at the end of the semester and I am so behind. What type of things do you like to have done before leaving for the break? I have already submitted state compliance with immunizations I am now working on entering electronically all the vision and hearing and scoliosis screenings I have done. I am finishing up presentations on personal hygenie with 4 and 5 grade. I am also scheduling an optional stop the bleed class for 7th-12th grade.
  6. pennyeary


    I know this is a hot topic. How do you handle your staff/coworkers stopping in first thing I think I have fever, I have a headache, should I go home? 3 This morning before 8.
  7. pennyeary

    Head lice

    Our policy is also out dated we still have a no nit policy and I am 3 years in trying to get the board to change this policy but it is not going to happen. I even have staff checking students then sending to me when they find something. I have asked for hippa/ferpa reason that this not happen! I have only been sending letters if I found something, I will start sending when parents call about their own child.
  8. pennyeary

    Head lice

    I am in Texas as well. Are you telling me I should send a letter home with every parent that calls to tell me their child has lice??? or that their child's best friend has lice? nnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooo just nnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooo lol This is my biggest headache.
  9. pennyeary

    1st School Nurse Interview

    Nose bleeds, paper work, Screenings, immunization compliance, and daily medications. 750 Students pre k-12 plus staff, there is always something to do or that needs to be done.
  10. pennyeary

    Hearing & Vision screens PRE-K

    I called the Lions club to come use the spot screener on my Pre-k and Sped students it is free and doesnt take long at all.
  11. pennyeary

    Screenings Help

    I am the only nurse pre k-12 Here in a Texas public school. I screen prek 1st 3rd 5th 7th and any new student or students who just need to be checked. I start my day with a few before school ever starts I pull from specials, pe and sometimes even recess. But I do all screenings my self with occasional help from an aide when she has a free minute. Best thing you can do is just keep at it. It is a slow process but try to fit as many screens as you can into each day.
  12. pennyeary

    Vision Screening

    Ok I am going to have to look into this and see if I cant get me one. lol
  13. pennyeary

    Vision Screening

    Yes and sometimes screening Kinder with a sloan chart can take for EVER.......................................
  14. pennyeary

    How do you handle screenings?

    I am the only school 'Nurse " here I have just over 700 kiddos. I screen before school, during pe, and nutrition break. I am still doing immunizations, but have also started screening, even if I get busy I can usually get in 5-10 before the first bell.
  15. pennyeary


    Hang in there it will get better.
  16. pennyeary

    "Did someone call me?"

    Every day all day long.!!!! I usually get oh did you call this parent ummmmm no I didn't.

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