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  1. pennyeary

    C'Mon Now!

    Yes!!!!! Here in Texas it is 73 today. Another cold front coming later in the week.
  2. pennyeary

    C'Mon Now!

    Every time.................I tried to hide and avoid eye contact!!!
  3. pennyeary

    Lice, Lice and more Lice...................

    I have a teacher that will check her class everyday. Drives me crazy!!!!!!!!!!! Then sends me the ones she wants double checked.
  4. pennyeary

    C'Mon Now!

    Kid had 99.8 told teacher to send him back after nap. 10 minutes later she sends him back for temp check..........I send him back to class and tell him I will see him after nap. Teacher contacted parents and sent him home. I cant even do my job.
  5. pennyeary

    CE class for school nursing

    Region 12 in Waco holds a 2 day Nurse's Conference in June.
  6. pennyeary

    CE class for school nursing

    I am also in Texas, the local education service center here. we refer to as region 12 has workshops and some of those workshops will give CE hours.
  7. pennyeary

    Sub for my school left a mess

    I was out one day 2 weeks ago.....3 kids with lice in my office never picked up. Sub let them watch movies and play and stuff. My office looked like a day care center with toys and stuff every where. My desk was completely rearranged. That is the 2nd time my office has been rearranged while I was out.
  8. pennyeary

    What are your thoughts?

    I have 700 students by my self in prek - 12th. You have to learn how to prioritize and organize. Vision and hearing screenings in Texas are to be conducted within the first 120 days of the school year. Those state reports are due in June. However state says you only have to screen pre k, kinder, 1st, 3rd and 5th grade at the elementary level. With that said do not be afraid to ask for help or use parent volunteers to help you. Good luck to you.
  9. I'm over it.......................How do you handle reoccurring cases in the same family?
  10. pennyeary

    hygiene products

    I have teachers asking for things like deodorant, toothpaste and other hygiene items. Can I get samples from somewhere? Anyone have any ideas?