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  1. berkenkot

    UC Davis New Grad Residency Fall 2020

    I answered the app question "I can start my job on or after" with "9/1/2020" because I ultimately preferred to be in the Oct. 5 cohort... IF EVER..I'm just putting feelers out if anyone did a similar thing but has gotten some movement/interviews? My app still read "Application Under Review" and part of me is hoping that maybe all these interview invites are for the Aug. 17 cohort? Or should I just accept my fate -- That it looks like I'm not going to be a UC Davis Nurse Resident?
  2. berkenkot

    Memorial Hermann Fall 2020

    Thanks @lmr0711. They did it via email this morning.
  3. berkenkot

    UC Davis New Grad Residency Fall 2020

    @quarantinenewgrad any intel on how many critical care nursing positions?
  4. Please share your experiences. I was just curious how interviews (and the discussions) have gone regarding rotations that have been largely virtual (instead of traditional) due to the pandemic. I've wondered about seniors who have lost their practicums or capstones. I also wonder about instances where your clinical experience for the specialty you hoped to purse/apply for (e.g. Peds) was completely virtual due to COVID-19. Are you just unfortunately out of luck of trying to have it as your first job? Are nurse managers understanding? Thank you!
  5. berkenkot

    SUNY Downstate ABSN 2020-2021

    Murse Matcha to the rescue! For those accepted/entering the program in the summer, I'm happy for whomever gets him as a student mentor. He's a good one!
  6. berkenkot

    Duke ABSN Fall 2019

    I agree. It doesn’t get easier when you’re fortunate enough to be holding another program’s acceptance for a fraction of Duke’s price. I wonder what the record is for the LEAST amount an incoming ABSN student had to pay themselves (after any need-based aid and/or scholarships were factored in)? As much as I would pick Duke first among all the programs I applied for, cost is a big concern of mine (still with loans looming from my Masters at a pricey Ivy). Thus, this state school acceptance of mine for around ~10K (that will essentially give me the same degree/the same ultimate job) is shaping up too hard to pass up.
  7. berkenkot

    Duke ABSN Fall 2019

    If i’m lucky enough to get in and get the aid I need, I woul be relocating from NYC too. It would be a hard decision because SUNY Downstate’s pricetag is pretty great and affordable.
  8. berkenkot

    SUNY Downstate ABSN 2019-2020

    If they decide to repeat how they’ve done it the past 2 years, orientation/first day of classes would happen right after Memorial Day again. So maybe, there’s a big chance it could be as early as May 28 this year. (All speculation in my part.)
  9. berkenkot

    2019 UPENN BSN/MSN

    It was. I got the email on Tuesday morning saying that I had an interview the next day (Wednesday morning). So I already had it. A relaxed, conversational phone interview that lasted about 30 minutes.

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