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  1. Rehab Ratio

    Hello everyone, Isn’t normal to see rehabs with a 1:18 nurse-patient ratio? How hectic can things get?
  2. Nurse to Patient ratio in rehab. Is 20 patients in a unit normal. First job and I have to say that it has been overwhelming.
  3. School Nurse vs Home Health

    Hello Everyone, I work as an RN at a Rehab for about 6 months now ( first job out of college). The one thing I dislike is the amount of work due to the 20:1 nurse to patient ratio. Recently another company reached out offering a school nurse or a hom...
  4. School Nurse vs Home Health

    Thank you. The one I am being Offered is one patient, 8 hours a day. I don’t do multiple visits a day. My frustration with my current one is the nurse to patient ratio. Sometimes I have 22 patients in my unit and no help from a supervisor.
  5. Hello Everyone, Any advice on the best job board to search for nursing position? I am using Linkedin and Indeed. Is this really the best one?
  6. First Job: Rehab or Homecare

    Hello Everyone, I have applied to several jobs, but the only ones contacting me back are rehabs and homecare. I am an entry level nurse, meaning this will be my first job as nurse. Most hospital in the area require some level of experience (usually 1...
  7. First Job: Rehab or Homecare

    Ok, makes sense. In a way, it seems like a more advance role than working as a nurse at a hospital. I just don't understand why I am getting so many interviews for this type of role. Must be a shortage, though the compensation for at least the ones c...
  8. First Job: Rehab or Homecare

    Thank you for your comments.
  9. First Job: Rehab or Homecare

    Why do you think that it is not appropriate?