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  1. Magnesium Electrolyte

    I was wondering if hyper or hypoparathyroidism causes Hypomagnesia? In my med surg book, it says hyperparathyroidism does but in my NCLEX study material it says that hyperparathyroidism causes hypomagnesia. Also, are calcium and magnesium...
  2. Hey y'all! I was wondering if Mark K is helpful for passing the NCLEX. I also purchased UWorld and about to get Archer. The reason I'm asking about mark k is because in one of his lectures he mentions that mumps and rubella are airborne precaut...
  3. Mountain View College Fall 2019

    Hello! i'm needing help on what patho teacher to take with mvc that is actually a good teacher. joan becker, emilie allen, or ciara berry?
  4. Take Patho or Pharm first??

    I've been told that i should take patho before pharm. But was wondering if it really matters what which one i do first and why. Thanks y'all!