Mark K lectures. Does it really help for NCLEX??


Hey y'all! I was wondering if Mark K is helpful for passing the NCLEX. I also purchased UWorld and about to get Archer. 

The reason I'm asking about mark k is because in one of his lectures he mentions that mumps and rubella are airborne precautions but I have always been taught those are in droplet. Also, in all my books it says droplet too. 

I've heard he is really helpful but now a little weary.  

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Hi there! You have to be VERY cautious of all the NCLEX resources that are out there. I have helped HUNDREDS of individuals pass the exam for the past 8 years, and not all NCLEX resources are created equal - and some (including in the list of resources you mentioned) are terrible and a complete waste of time. Thankfully one of those is pretty good and can be leveraged for optimal performance practice and evaluation to see if you're ready to test - BUT that resource alone still misses the mark because NONE OF THEM that you listed actually help you to learn HOW to take the exam and what you REALLY need to know in order to be successful. 

I can help. If you have questions, let me know on here - or you can go to my profile and find my website and contact information and we can have a discussion about properly studying for the NCLEX because we NEED YOU! I its my mission to help get more Nurses into the profession and THRIVE in the profession!